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What is Wrongful Death

When we lose a loved one, it is easy to believe it is a wrongful death. Death, in general, is a difficult fact of life that we have to eventually face. When a life is taken because of someone else’s negligence, it becomes that much harder to deal with. Accidents happen for a variety of reasons, and many times those accidents involve injury. In rare occasions, they can also cause a fatality. Most accidental deaths occur on the road. Rather in a car, truck, or motorcycle, it’s the most dangerous place to be in America while also being a place you can’t avoid. This is why our parents worried so much when we first learned how to drive and why we worry so much about our children when they first learn to drive.

   So what do we do when we lose a loved one due to someone else’s negligence? While we might not be able to bring them back, we can make sure you get the compensation that is owed for the loss of a loved one. This is important to help a grieving family stay above water in the days and months and years that follow a death in a family. The costs can pile up, especially if the loved one that passed one was a primary source of income. There are things that can be done before a death occurs such as paying for life insurance, but should you have to use that money to pay the costs created by someone else’s negligence and reckless abandonment? That is money that can be used to support your family and help them through this difficult time.

   Who Can File a Wrongful Death Claim?

   Each state handles this question differently. In Florida, the law states that the deceased person’s spouse, children, parents, or any blood relative financially dependant on them might file a wrongful death claim through a legal representative. They can’t file on their own either, they either have to file through a legal representative that is appointed by the family or deceased person via their will or estate, that or the court will appoint an attorney. While we might not like the idea of preparing for the lost of a loved one, it is always good to prepare for anything. Let Rue & Ziffra be your assigned attorney in case such an event comes to pass.

Rue & Ziffra have years of experience in the legal field and can help you handle your court case. Contact us today or at the very least have us ready in your phone by putting Rue & Ziffra: 1-800-526-4711 in your phone now.


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