debary truck accident attorney

DeBary Truck Accident Attorney

 Being a town so close to I-4 it is no wonder that so many trucks pass through the area. I-4 is the main road that connects the East Coast to the West Coast, and both coasts to the central part of Florida. Mainly it connects them to Orlando, which can be argued to be the most popular city in Florida thanks to Disney. One thing about I-4 though is that it attracts traffic. I-4 is infamous for traffic and accidents. They happen every day and people can spend hours trying to get from one town to the next because of it. When the traffic is flowing you can get across the entire state in about 2 hours. Don’t expect it to ever be that easy though.

It is hard enough to deal with the normal accident, but when it comes to a truck accident it is a whole different story. A truck accident is devastating and can back traffic up for an hour or more while it is dealt with. On a personal level, a truck accident can often be fatal. It is a difficult scene to witness and harder news to handle. We have seen too many lost in these types of accidents, so our team at Rue & Ziffra make sure to work hard to defend our clients who have lost loved ones in a truck accident.

The reason why these truck accidents happen is hard to pinpoint. They have so many possible reasons for driving without enough sleep to the simple law of physics. Regardless of the reason, we will fight to make sure that you are legally represented in the courtroom, and that your family receives the full compensation that is due.

Don’t face this on your own, let Rue & Ziffra help you with a DeBary Truck Accident Attorney to cover your case. Don’t hesitate, contact us today and learn how we can help you.


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