Think before you post

Posting on Facebook

Social media has really taken over the current day and age. What started as a fun way to connect with friends and share pictures has turned into a full-blown lifestyle and job market. There are now over 1 billion active users on Facebook, and they upload about 300 million photos every single day. Facebook has become such a powerful tool for connecting people that the Facebook Like and Share buttons are seen on about 10 million different websites. In fact, one day the Facebook social media site went down for maintenance and people actually called Law Enforcement about it. While these numbers are definitely impressive they don’t even count other social media entities like Instagram and Snapchat.

While it is great that something like Facebook or Instagram can connect so many people there are some risks involved with it. When you create a profile, it is a profile that almost anyone can access. Any information or photos you place on Facebook and Instagram can be seen by the billions of users. For a business, this is a wonderful thing, for a personal profile though it can cause some problems, maybe even legal ones. Some of these problems are just based around drama with an ex-boyfriend looking at your profile, family problems, etc. Some actually have effects on the real world, however. One example seen rather commonly in the news is how an offensive post caused someone to lose their job.

The list of problems doesn’t stop there however, they can actually flow over into the courtroom. Every post you put on Facebook or Instagram has a time, a date, and sometimes even a location. Facebook has the option to tag a business or location in your posts. Even if you opt out of doing this, any photos you post might reveal location in them. The entire timeline on Facebook and Instagram tells a story, and it better match the story that you are telling the courtroom. If you say that an automobile accident has left you injured making it difficult to get around while your Facebook is filled with photos of beach trips and party nights, you are going to get some suspicious glances.

We are not saying you can’t post to Facebook and Instagram during a court case, just that you need to be careful with how you do it. If you want to post some beach photos after suffering injuries in an automobile accident, make sure you show the difficulty you have in moving around. If you are in a wheelchair show someone having to push you across the sand, or how you have to sit if a body part is in a cast. Mainly showing that while it is something fun you are doing, you are still limited by any injuries received. This goes with anywhere you go, don’t be afraid to have your clothes in the photo, or add something about the injuries or accident in the post.

If you are not sure if something is safe to post then don’t post it. For the time being it is better to just play it safe and not make the job of your Port Orange automobile accident attorney any harder. We know it can be hard not to go posting on social media, we do it all the time both for our law firm and for our own personal lives. There are a few steps you can take to also make it a little harder for people you don’t want snooping around your Facebook to find you. You can set your privacy settings to Private, or Friends Only meaning only people who are friends with you on Facebook can see what it is you post or even find your profile. While this is a strong step in keeping your social media profiles out of the courtroom, it is still recommended you be safe about what you post.

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