Ormond Beach Medical Malpractice

ormond beach medical malpractice

Currently, the medical world is all over the place with changes being made to health care. Politicians are working on ways to either improve or remove Obamacare, which could have far-reaching effects on how people and hospitals interact. While that is happening, a more pressing matter is still taking place in medical facilities. We depend on doctors and nurses to take care of us and loved ones. What happens when they either intentionally or unintentionally fail at that duty? Medical Malpractice is still a major problem in both hospitals and nursing homes. Sometimes, it is simple neglect that leads to medical malpractice, while other times it is an honest mistake.

We won’t pretend that being a doctor is an easy job, especially when you are a surgeon with someone’s life on the line. It is a high-pressure career and mistakes are going to happen. Sadly unlike many careers, you usually don’t get a second chance when you make a mistake as a surgeon. It’s a life or death situation, and by the time a mistake is spotted, it might be too late to fix it. Even if it is an honest mistake, however, it doesn’t remove responsibility from the doctor, and there will be consequences. There will either be new medical bills to pay fixing the mistake, or other charges if the mistake was fatal. The family of the victim should not be left paying for the doctor’s mistake.

What if it was an intentional act of neglect? We don’t mean the consequences were intentional, rather that the person responsible knowingly didn’t do their job right. This can occur in a multitude of ways. It can be as simple as not paying attention to someone in a nursing home, allowing them to fall and get injured. The elderly are more prone to injury and need extra care. If that extra care is not given, even a simple slip can lead to extensive consequences.

Another common form of medical malpractice is giving a wrong diagnosis. Problems are often fixed with medication and treatment. If the diagnosis is wrong, then the wrong medication might be prescribed, doing more damage than good. It also wastes the patient’s and insurance company’s time and money. On top of all of that, the actual medical problem goes untreated, allowing it to worsen and grow over time. There are some diseases and conditions that can be cured or controlled if treated early enough. Left alone, a simple disease can turn into a full blown infection that requires drastic action, maybe even amputation.

Understandably this can cause a lot of stress not just on the victim, but on the entire family. You don’t have to face this alone, though, you can get an experienced Medical Malpractice attorney to represent you. Rue & Ziffra has over 40 years of experience representing their clients in cases ranging from automobile accidents to medical malpractice, and we don’t plan on stopping anytime soon. If you believe you are a victim of medical malpractice or know someone who is, stop waiting. Dial 1-800-526-4711 today and let us get started on your case immediately.