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Getting Workers Comp

We all want to live the American dream, don’t we? Get a good job, be successful, find someone to love, raise a family, it’s what a lot of us want out of life. Many times we succeed in that aspect and we begin a family. Sometimes, though, life throws us a curveball that takes us off track. One example is sustaining an injury at work. It is rare that an injury ever really benefits us. In fact, they can throw our entire life into a spiral. It’s always good to have some sort of security when it comes to these kinds of things. Luckily we don’t always have to supply that security ourselves. Many companies provide workers’ compensation benefits, or workers’ comp, for their employees. What does that mean exactly and what are you getting compensated for?

Mainly it’s for any medical expense or lost income caused by the injury. Of course, there are some requirements in order to qualify for it. The main one is the injury must occur on a job site, or during a job-related activity. This means if you are delivering something for a company off the main site and get injured you can still qualify for workers’ comp. The injury also can’t be caused by your negligence or own doing. This includes things such as failure to follow safety regulations, not wearing proper safety gear, not using gear and machinery for its intended use, or working under the influence of any substance that inhibits your ability to work.

Even if you do get approved for workman’s comp, you have to be careful that you are not being tricked into accepting or receiving less than you are owed. While many workers’ compensation insurance companies will be honest and pay the injured worker their correct compensation there are some that will try and pay less than is required. Don’t let them get away with this. If you are unfortunate enough to be injured while working then let a New Smyrna Beach Workers’ Comp Attorney represent your best interest and ensure you are receiving all the benefits you are entitled to receive. It is important to have legal representation for multiple scenarios, such as:

  • Being paid less in compensation than is required
  • Being denied worker’s comp when an injury is the company’s fault
  • Your position was terminated without justification

While it might not fall under the area of workman’s comp, a company can be sued for termination of employment without justification. For example, some jobs have vital roles in the company. If you are a cook in a kitchen and are injured, they can’t operate without a cook, so your position would have to be filled. When you are able to return to work there might not be another position because the position is filled and the restaurant can not afford another cook. On the other hand, if the company can easily place you back in the kitchen, yet chooses not to simply because of your time recovering or effects of the disability that do not affect the job, you might be able to sue for discrimination on grounds of disability.

If you are injured on the job site, don’t be afraid to seek legal representation for your case. New Smyrna Beach Workers’ Comp Attorneys from Rue & Ziffra will make sure you get the compensation the company owes you.