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Pros and Cons of Automobiles

Where would we be without the automobile? I know I would still be on I-95, slowly making my way to work on a horse and carriage. My Amazon order I placed last month would be in the middle of Tennessee, expected to make it here in a month or so. Oh, and today’s mail would still be in the saddle bag of someone’s horse. Yes, life without the automobile would be slow moving. Even a trip to the beach would be a chore, and there are beaches all over the place. Did we mention horse carriages don’t have radios or air conditioning? Have fun with that summer heat. It is hard to imagine this used to be a reality not all that long ago. There was a time before the automobile that carriages and horses were the preferred methods of travel.

While horses were slower than vehicles, couldn’t travel as far, and didn’t smell all that great, they did offer one major benefit. When horse-drawn carriages ruled the roads, there were no automobile accidents at all. Mostly because there were no automobiles to crash, but we still consider it a good thing. While we do have quite a few automobile accidents, we do have a much faster more effective modern age in many aspects. Can you imagine an ambulance trying to rush someone to the hospital without a combustion engine and rubber tires? Also, I’m not patient enough to wait a month for an Amazon order. So while we do have the accidents, we do have quite a few benefits to automobiles as well.

Not to mention, accidents can be reduced significantly if we are careful on the road. If we all follow the laws, put down the smartphone, and pay attention, the number of accidents per year would plummet. Elimination of these distractions is a part of the goal with new driverless vehicles. Since we are still years off from driverless vehicles being the majority of the market, we have to work on reducing the number of accidents per year ourselves. What are the numbers for car crashes in the United States right now?

  • Over 37,000 people die in automobile accidents per year
  • Over 2,350,000 are injured in automobile accidents per year
  • Over 1,600 of the people who die in automobile accidents are under the age of 15.
  • Over 5,200,000 car accidents happen a year in the United States.

Along with injury and loss of life, automobile accidents can cause property damage and slight to extreme traffic jams. This is especially true on interstates, which sometimes involves accidents that block all four lanes.  It doesn’t take all four lanes blocked, however, to create a traffic jam that can go on for literal miles. Even fender benders can block up traffic on smaller roads, and still cause a headache for the people involved. You won’t get much sympathy when a few hundred people are sitting in their vehicles, waiting while their hour long commute slowly grows to 2 hours.

It gets even worst when there is an event in town. In Daytona Beach, they have Bike Week, the Daytona 500, Biketoberfest, and it’s an ideal location for Spring Break. The tourist that frequent these events will find themselves heading to surrounding towns as well, such as New Smyrna Beach, or DeLand. That or the locals leave the area to surrounding cities like New Smyrna Beach or DeLand to escape the tourist. Either way, they both give some life to the surrounding cities of the World’s Most Famous Beach. It also opens the chances of automobile accidents happen. If you are the victim of one of these accidents, you are going to need a DeLand Automobile Accident Attorney. One that knows the ins and outs of fighting for compensation for victims of another’s negligence on the road. You need an automobile attorney like the ones found at Rue & Ziffra.