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Florida Sports

When you think of sports, Florida may not be the first state that pops up in your mind. Really though it is one of the major sports centers in America. Not only do we have the Daytona 500 over at the world’s most famous beach, nothing lights up Orlando quite like the Orlando City soccer team playing a game. There are also the Miami Dolphins and Florida Gators dominating the football field and all up and down the East and West coast are surfers hitting the waves. Some people may think that surfing is, just a hobby, but they never saw the balance and strength it takes to stay on that board. Plus we would take a charging linebacker over hungry shark any day. Even with Jaws lurking in the water, surfers still take the wave almost every day here in Florida.

So much that it becomes more than a sport to many here. In seaside towns like New Smyrna Beach surfing is a way of life. It’s the great escape from the boring and the mundane. It’s the great combination of man and nature when you move the water. When something like a personal injury takes you off the board though, it can feel like a big part of you is still somewhere out on the water, while your body is trapped on land. We suppose you can try wheelchair surfing though we are not going to guarantee any form of positive results.

Really though, when you live in a town like New Smyrna Beach with so much to do you can feel limited by a personal injury. More so when you are not the one responsible for causing it. Because someone else was a little too careless behind the wheel, you are missing out on some much-needed wave time. Don’t worry though, the waves will be there once you recover. That doesn’t do much for you right now, does it? You have an injury to deal with, along with all the problems that injury creates. Along with not being able to surf, you also might not be able to work. Did we mention the medical bills that have to be paid? There is a good chance you were trying not to think of that part. No one likes thinking about bills, though they still have to be paid. Should you be the one that pays them? Not when someone else is responsible for creating them. Medical bills are expensive things to handle and insurance doesn’t always cover the entire bill.

How expensive are hospital bills? The ambulance ride to the hospital alone can go well over $1,000. Some people can pay their rent and utilities with money left over for what it costs just to get you to the hospital. Can you imagine how much it will cost once you get inside? Medical insurance only covers so much of it and the rest has to come from somewhere. If you are involved in an automobile accident, bicycle accident or suffered your injury through someone else’s fault, you are not liable for those bills. That is like buying a brand new car and saying that your neighbor is the one that will be paying the loan. Of course, it’s not always so easily done. Some people or even insurance companies will fight you on the topic. When they do, you can fight back by hiring Rue & Ziffra to have an experienced New Smyrna Beach personal injury attorney take care of your case for you.   

We will get you the compensation you are due in both medical bills and lost income. You may not be surfing just yet, but you can relax knowing that you are being taken care of during your recovery when you have Rue & Ziffra in your corner.