Injuries on the job are all too common in Florida, and workers who find themselves in a work-related accident have a legal right to pursue workers’ compensation benefits. Because taking action by yourself can become a daunting and complicated task, it is often wise to consult with a workers’ compensation attorney in your community who is knowledgeable in workers’ compensation law.

The workers’ compensation system was established to safeguard employees who have been injured on the job by providing them with benefits. Although the level of benefits differs in each state, in general, workers’ compensation provides for the following:

  • Payment of medical and rehabilitation expenses, including doctors’ bills and hospital fees, medication charges, and rehabilitation therapy
  • Income replacement for disabled workers
  • Lump-sum payments for workers who are left with permanent partial disabilities
  • Survivors’ benefits if workers are killed (usually include both income replacement and a lump-sum payment to cover funeral expenses)

Although the workers’ compensation system is generally associated with providing benefits to employees, it actually functions as providing significant benefits to both employees and their employers. As discussed previously, an employee who is hurt at work can use this system as a way to receive immediate medical care for his or her work-related injuries or disability and receive compensation for lost wages. Likewise, the direct employer of the hurt individual is benefitted by workers’ compensation insurance because the system looks to compensation of these costs from the employer’s insurance company. Thus, the employer himself will not be hailed into court for payment of damages, and are free to continue conducting business as normal.

As a result, workers’ compensation insurance acts as an exclusive remedy to the injured employee; he or she can only receive benefits under workers’ compensation law and are (for the most part) prohibited from directly suing his or her employer.

Employees who are injured on the job and can no longer work as a result of those injuries need a safety net. Workers’ compensation law functions as the net, allowing workers to quickly receive pay so their families are not financially devastated by their injuries.

Most Common Causes of Workers’ Comp Claims

Most states have workers’ compensation laws that are designed to protect businesses and offer a worker a safety net if an injury occurs on the job. Workers who file a workers’ compensation claim will receive compensation for any lost wages and medical costs. Benefits provided by workers’ compensation will differ from state to state. Workers’ comp claims can be the result of many causes.

Learn about the most common cause of Workmans Comp Claims like Electrical Equipment and Violence in the Workplace.

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What Happens When My Workmans Comp Claim is Denied?

After being injured during the performance of normal work duties, employees will file a Notice of Injury form with their employer and receive compensation from the employer’s insurance company for the medical treatment they receive as a result of that injury. However, upon receiving the initial form, an employer has the ability to contest the employee’s claim and ultimately deny him or her benefits.

When benefits have been denied or delayed by an employer and the insurance company, the injured employee has the opportunity to appeal the denial. However, because employees may not have the specific knowledge of Florida Workers’ Compensation law, he or she may be ill-equipped to manage a successful claim for benefits.

This is the point that many workers contact an attorney knowledgeable in Workers’ Compensation claims for help. In doing so, the employee can rest-assured that they will have adequate representation in order to make the best claim for benefits they can.

Learn more about the appeals process if your workman's comp claim has been denied and Rue & Ziffra can do to help or call 800-526-4711.

Employer Workmans Comp Noncompliance

According to 440.107 F.S., there are certain enforcement provisions that an employer must comply with when he or she is required to maintain Workers’ Compensation coverage for employees. The Division of Workers’ Compensation enforces employer compliance with the enforcement provisions they mandate. To make sure that employers are complying with these regulations, investigators are sent to conduct inspections at the place of employment. Learn more about Employer Workmans Comp Noncompliance including Stop Work Orders and Criminal Employer Conduct.Nontraditional Workmans Comp Accident

Generally, injuries must arise out of the normal course of an individual’s working duties in order for them to be covered under Workers’ Compensation benefits. However, each state maintains a list of other types of injuries that may be compensated under Workers’ Compensation coverage. Some categories of injuries that MAY or MAY NOT be compensated under Workers’ Compensation coverage include the following. Learn more about what injuries caused by Nontraditional Work Accidents Covered by Workmans Comp.

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