boating accidents

Boating accidents can cause damage to watercraft and can result in the drowning of innocent persons. Boating is a great way to enjoy the coast of Florida but often tragedy results because of the carelessness of the watercraft operator.

In 2014, the Coast Guard counted 4,604 accidents that involved 610 deaths, 2,678 injuries and approximately $39 million in property damages as a result of recreational boating accidents. The fatality rate was 5.2 deaths per 100,000 registered recreational vessels.

Broken bones and cuts and bruises are the most common injuries sustained in Florida boating accidents and personal watercraft accidents. However, head injuries and internal injuries are also commonly reported.

Fortunately, the majority of watercraft accidents are entirely preventable. Many collisions and accidents involving personal watercraft and other vessels are caused by negligence, intoxication, equipment failure, inadequate training, or weather and water conditions. The inexperience – or the errors – of the person operating the vessel also cause collisions.

Uninsured Boaters

Since boat liability insurance is not mandatory, there are many boaters operating without liability coverage. Uninsured Boater coverage is designed to compensate you for injuries to persons aboard your boat that are caused by an operator of another boat who has no liability insurance.

If you are legally entitled to recover damages from the other uninsured boater, or if you or your guests on your boat are the victims of a hit-and-run boater who cannot be identified, this coverage can help ease the financial impact of those injuries.

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Jet Skiers insurance in Florida

Jet Ski Insurance is designed to protect you, your personal watercraft and other boaters in the case of an accident.  Most states require that you carry the minimum of liability and collision coverage when owning or leasing a Jet Ski.  However, you may wish to add comprehensive, uninsured boater and medical coverage.  Jet Ski Insurance normally is not covered under your car or home insurance policy and requires a separate recreation vehicle policy.

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Florida Boaters Insurance

Boat insurance policies are normally written using an “all risk” policy form. Do not think “all risk” means everything is covered. “All Risk” means that all damage to the boat is covered unless specifically excluded. So, when you have an “all risk” policy you need to review the policy exclusions to see what is covered. If it is not excluded, then it is covered.

Not common in the boat insurance industry but a policy could be written using a “named peril” policy form. A “named peril” policy only covers what is specifically stated or named in the policy. Fire, lightning, wind and theft would be common named perils.

There is really no way a “named peril” policy can name all the unexpected, odd situations that can happen to a boat owner. Think of the oddest situation you have experienced as a boat owner. With an “all risk” policy, if it is not specifically excluded, then it is covered. Learn More about Florida Boaters Insurance.

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Liability Waivers for Florida Boats and Jet Skis

A liability waiver is a legal document that seeks to obtain protection against law suits and damage awards in the event of an accident occurs. Liability waivers are typically used in connection with sports or activities where there is some considerable risk of accidents or bad outcomes.

The use of liability waivers are quite common. Almost any boating or Jet Ski activity offered to you will be accompanied by some sort of waiver where you agree not to hold the individuals or the company accountable should you be involved in an accident. Were it not for the ability to obtain liability waivers from adventure sports participants, you would have very few opportunities to participate in these types of events. A business simply cannot afford to offer adventure activities if they might be held financially responsible for every accident.

Companies that rent boats or Jet Skis will have a participant complete a waiver and release form to protect them from liability for dangerous activities by allowing the participant to sign a release before participating. Learn more about your liability waiver rights and whether or not you should sign a waiver for a boat or jet ski rental in Florida.

Daytona Beach, Florida Boat Accident Attorneys

Have you been injured in a boat or watercraft accident in Daytona Beach? At Rue & Ziffra, our personal injury attorneys specializing in boating and jet ski accidents will help you understand your legal options and will discuss your specific boat accident case so that you know your legal rights. Laws relating to watercraft vessels are exceedingly complex and require an intensive knowledge of not only specific state laws governing boating accidents, but also federal maritime and international waterway laws. We will also work with your insurance company and others involved in your particular situation to ensure that you get excellent care and medical attention quickly and effectively. Not every attorney in the Daytona Beach and Deltona area can offer you this level of boat accident knowledge. With our attorneys’ 100 years of combined experience, we are able to provide you with the very best representation. Call 800-526-4711 for help now!

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