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Social Security Disability benefits are available to many individuals who find that they are unable to work due to the limitation that their medical conditions cause them. According to the Social Security Administration, this disability is defined as a lack of workability. Individuals are considered disabled by the Social Security Administration if: They are proven to be incapable of doing the work that they did previously The Social Security Administration determines that an individual cannot adjust to new work due to the medical condition and The disability has lasted or is projected to last for at least a year or result in death

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If you or a loved one are experiencing difficulties claiming social security disability income, contact the lawyers at Rue & Ziffra. As your local attorneys here in the Daytona Beach area, you can count on us to be sensitive to your needs. Our experienced team of social security disability lawyers are available 24/7 to talk to you about your questions and concerns relating to your Social Security Disability case. For more than 40 Years, our social security disability lawyers Rue & Ziffra provided legal expertise and results for those who have struggled with the Social Security Administration.

The social security disability claims process is not only difficult and frustrating but also time-consuming and tedious. Don’t slog through this process alone – let us ease your burden and potentially expedite the process. If the physical, financial, and emotional consequences of your disability have left you out of work and your family suffering, the attorneys at Rue & Ziffra can help you understand your rights, sort out your options, and pursue justice. Receiving social security disability income should be a benefit, not a struggle. Contact us today for a free consultation on your case.

How Long Does It Take to Receive Social Security Disability Benefits

The Social Security Disability process is not only difficult and frustrating but also long and tedious. For those who decide to engage the professional services of a disability lawyer, it takes approximately 2 ½ to 3 years for claimants to receive benefits from the time they sign up. However, when severe medical conditions and financial strains are added to the mix, the process may take even longer. Read more to find out more about how long it takes to Receive Social Security Disability Benefits.

On The Record Request: A Shortcut to Receive Disability Benefits

Written by: Luis R. Gracia, Esq

So you have received your second Social Security Disability denial.  The denial letter says that another person took a look at your claim and still determined that you are not considered disabled.  Your only option now is to file a request for a hearing in front of an administrative law judge.  Yet, you find out that the Social Security Administration is taking over a year to schedule hearings.  On the other hand, you know you are disabled.  Your doctor (or doctors) claims you are disabled.  What should you do now?  Well, now is the time when you can seek out an experienced Social Security Disability Attorney to put his/her skills at work to try and get you approved for benefits.

Find out more about the steps you can take to get your social security disability benefits faster!

7 Important Things to Remember When Filing a Social Security Disability Claim. Although it is impossible to provide a “shortcut” that bypasses the disability review process to get straight to an award of benefits, there are certain tips to consider that can help improve both adjudication time and results.

Disclose ALL of your Medical Providers.

Be sure you include all your medical providers and their contact information. Social Security is not going to be doing your work for you, so make sure to get all of the relevant medical information to them.

Detail All Your Physical and Mental Activities

When it comes to your past relevant work, be detailed in the description of your physical and mental activities. If you have had to lift, carry, bend, stoop, crawl, etc., make sure to describe with particularity the circumstances in which you have had to engage in all of those activities. If your job required a fast pace of physical activity or rigorous concentration for extended periods of time, make sure you are specific in describing each and every detail. Read about the other 5 Things to Remember When Applying for Social Security Disability here.

The Social Security Disability Claims Process: Step By Step by Social Security Disability Expert Attorney in Florida Luis R. Gracia, Esq.

The Social Security Disability (SSD) process is not only difficult and long but quite frustrating. When you add a severe medial condition or conditions as well as financial strains to the mix, the process then turns into a seemly hopeless and even pointless exercise. There is not one single day that either one of my clients or individuals seeking my services ask me or my staff the ultimate question: What do I have to do to get Social Security Disability benefits?

Although it is impossible for me, or any attorney for that matter, to give a “shortcut” that can bypass all of the disability review process and get straight to an award of benefits, years of practicing Social Security Disability law have revealed ways to improve both adjudication time and results for my clients.

Check out what Luis R Gracia, Esq. has found and has to share on Social Security Disability.

How Do I Know if I am Disabled?

Disability can be based on a work related or non-work related injury or illness, be it physical, emotional, or a combination. In order to be disabled by social security regulations, you have to prove that you cannot do any of your past relevant work (work you have done in the past 15 years as well as any other sufficient jobs available in the national economy of the United States).

Learn about the three ways in which the social security administration will consider you to be disabled; 1) Application of the listings of impairments, 2) Application of the “Grid”, 3) Erosion (elimination) of the sedentary work basis.

Top 5 Things to Avoid When Filing a Social Security Disability Claim

The Social Security Disability (SSD) claim process is both complicated and difficult. Trying to understand the multitude of Social Security regulations, standards and procedures can be a daunting task for any potential claimant. Although attorneys and representatives handling disability claims often give advice as to ways to maximize the chances of getting a claim approved, many times disabled individuals with solid claims are denied because of things that they should not have done, or things that they should have done but failed to do.

Read more about the 5 most common mistakes that Social Security Disability Expert Attorney see individuals filing for Social Security Disability make which hurt or eliminate their chances of being awarded disability benefits.

Medication Side Effects

There is a popular saying that goes, “Sometimes the cure is worse than the disease”.  Speaking as a Social Security attorney, there is a lot of truth to that old adage and it is certainly applicable to many Social Security Disability claims. This is because, when individual claims that he/she is disabled, Social Security regulations state that those adjudicating the claim have to consider the claimant’s ability to perform work-like activities given his or her physical and/or mental limitations.  This is known as a disability claimant’s “residual functional capacity”.  As a result of the regulations, the Social Security Administration will examine one’s limitations and more specifically, their cause.  It is in this evaluation where medication side effects come into play. Learn more about social security disability and medication side affects from Social Security Disability Expert Attorney, Luis Gracia.

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