When we purchase a product, we assume it will do what it claims and not cause injuries. This is because manufacturers have a duty to design products that are safe for their consumers to use, as well as alert consumers of any potential problems related to their product. However, some products can actually be unsafe to use and manufacturers often fail to warn consumers of this potential danger. As a result, individuals who use the product may suffer an injury. If you have been exposed to a dangerous product, and you have been injured, you may be eligible for significant financial compensation. Hiring a product liability attorney who is knowledgeable in the processes surrounding product liability and negligence can help you receive full and final restitution.

Fatal Product Defects

Where human beings are concerned, there are going to be errors. Manufacturing the many products on the market today, and in the quantity required for the vast American population, such errors are inevitable. However, when those defects endanger the life of a consumer of that product, the errors are unacceptable. Such errors are called fatal defects, and if they result in the wrongful death of the consumer, there are personal liability laws to address that loss and compensate the survivors. Not only that, but if there are life threatening defects that are discovered in a product, even if they have not yet proved fatal to a consumer, there may be serious consequences for the manufacturer and even the sellers of the product. Learn more about the consequences and liability of fatal defects here or by call Rue, Ziffra in Florida at 800-526-4711.

Unjust Enrichment: An Alternative Theory in Product Liability Actions

A claim of ‘unjust enrichment’ is sometimes included among the theories of recovery pleaded in a product liability action. Pursuant to that theory, a product user seeks recovery from the defendant product manufacturer of all proceeds from the sale of the allegedly defective product, claiming the money made from selling the product unjustly enriched the defendant. Another sort of unjust enrichment claim has been asserted by insurers, governmental bodies, union funds and healthcare payers, in actions by those entities to recover expenses (such as, Medicare costs, asbestos or lead-abatement costs or healthcare premiums) that they paid on behalf of their members, allegedly resulting from injury to those members from the use of the manufacturer’s product.

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Manufacturing Defects and Product Liability

A defect in manufacturing is one that the manufacturer did not intend. A manufacturing defect is the clearest instance in which strict liability applies. Under the Restatement (Third) of Torts: Products Liability, a product “contains a manufacturing defect when the product departs from its intended design even though all possible care was exercised in the preparation and marketing of the product.” Learn more Production Defect, Factory Defect Liability in Manufacturing Defects and Hidden Defect Liability here and how we can help you! Or call now at 800-526-4711 to speak to a Product Liability and Manufacturing Defects Attorney at the Law Offices of Rue and Ziffra in Florida.

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