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With over 14 million accidents being reported every year, childhood injury is perhaps one of the most dangerous and traumatic experiences that a family can face as a result of negligence.

From negligent supervision at daycare to a detrimental accident during football practice, dog bites while playing outdoors to an injury on school grounds, there are a great number of dangers that can result in an even more devastating injury for your child. Moreover, due to both a warm climate and being a top vacation destination, a great amount of these children’s injuries unfortunately occur in the State of Florida.

With smaller bodies and a lower pain tolerance than the average adult, children are prime targets for serious injury and even wrongful death in everyday life and activities.

Florida Negligence Attorneys

A minor grows both mentally and physically into their early twenties and therefore faces the possibility of injury and even wrongful death throughout all stages of youth. From infant to toddler to teen, all injuries on minors found to be the result of negligent or hazardous actions of another can be viable for a children’s claim. Due to this basis, children’s personal injury claims can be quite diverse and vary greatly.

There is nothing more traumatizing than harm coming to your child through the negligence of others. You need swift and aggressive legal representation to serve you in your time of need. The earlier that you contact us, the closer we will be to gathering evidence and building a negligence case so that your child can receive the attention and compensation that they deserve. There is no time to lose in a negligence case. Call Rue & Ziffra now at 1-800-526-4711, while your child’s memory of the event and the memory of any witnesses involved is still fresh and current. We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to come to you and dedicate ourselves to those that you love and cherish.

Negligent actions may have resulted in tragedy for you and your family, but the Florida Child Negligence Attorneys at Rue & Ziffra will diligently work to return the lives of you and your child to normal. Call 800-526-4711 to speak to an attorney for free today!

The Most Common Injuries Resulting from Child Negligence

While there are a variety of child injury claims for negligence in Florida, the most common ones have to do with automotive, school, daycare and water.  Here are some examples of these common Florida Child Neglect Injuries.

  • Automobile and Truck Accidents (i.e. Collision, Car Seat Defect, and Parking Lot Negligence)
  • School-Related Accidents (i.e. Field Trip, School Bus, and Injury on School Property)
  • Daycare Accidents and Negligence
  • Water-Related Accidents and Drownings (i.e. Bathtub, Pool, Lake, and Retention Pond)

Adults Other Than Family Can Commit Child Neglect

Whether the person or persons responsible for child negligence were a nanny, nearby motor vehicle driver, or field trip chaperone, the majority of children’s injury claims arise when the people that we trust to keep our children safe perform in a hazardous and careless manner and thus cause our children to be injured.

Although you may have done all that you could to teach safety and awareness to your child, in most cases involving children’s injury, the accident is regrettably due to the negligent actions of another.

Childhood injuries can be serious and permanent. Worst of all, the majority of children’s injuries are preventable. If your child’s injury was caused by the negligent actions of another, you should consider consulting with an experienced personal injury law firm to help you file a claim for the rights of your child.

At Rue & Ziffra, our experienced attorneys and staff will aggressively seek maximum compensation for medical bills, future medical or physical therapy needs, any necessary psychological counseling, and any other costs that you have incurred as a result of the injury to your child.

Emotional & Financial Costs of Negligence

There is an Emotional and Financial Cost to Families who Have Been Victims of Negligence and Child Neglect. Medical bills mount with each passing day, the fight for appropriate compensation from the insurance company continues to be a struggle, and tending to your child is resulting in a lack of school and work attendance. Furthermore, watching your child suffer may be causing you pain as well. In the wake of great injury and pain, everyday life can become a nightmare for both you and your child.

How are Victims of Negligent Supervision Protected Under Insurance

When it comes to negligent supervision, there are very particular laws governing how victims of this type of misconduct are to be protected and compensated for injuries under insurance.  One way is through liability insurance, but homeowners insurance typically does not protect victims.Learn more about how to establish protection for victims of negligence through insurance.

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