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Injury Claim or Lawsuit?

 If you are injured in an automobile accident, what should you do? Do you handle it through the insurance company or do you go for the lawsuit? Rather or not you should handle a case with a claim or a lawsuit depends on a lot on what the insurance company is willing to do for you. If you are the victim of an accident, you deserve the compensation to keep your life on track. If they are not willing to offer that compensation or at least not all of it, then you have grounds to move forward with a lawsuit. If the insurance company is offering to give you the full compensation that you require, then you can skip the lawsuit. You have time before it escalates to a lawsuit, however, by attempting to do a claim first.

Filing a claim is kind of like offering to settle the case out of court with a settlement. Instead of getting into legal battles. If you can solve the problem with a claim without going to a lawsuit, you might just save a headache and time. While handling a claim, it might still be a good idea to get an attorney to help guide you through it. This helps make sure you get the full compensation possible outside of heading into a lawsuit. While a claim might be an easier way to go, there are reasons why it might not work.

  • The Insurance Coverage doesn’t cover the full amount of compensation needed.
  • Insurance Company might argue the amount of compensation needed is less than actually required.

If for some reason a settlement can’t be reached by doing a claim the next step is a lawsuit. The downside of a lawsuit is that it can take longer than settling a claim. The positive side is that you can get the compensation that you are due and need to survive with. The threat of a lawsuit might even make the insurance company more open to settling a claim with a larger amount to avoid the legal fees and troubles, though it is not guaranteed. Regardless, you shouldn’t have to settle for less because someone else injured you and damaged your property. Don’t be afraid to stand up and fight against the insurance company with the help of Rue & Ziffra, Daytona Beach Personal Injury Attorneys.

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