Lori Stack

Senior Case Manager

Lori A. Stack is a Senior Case Manager/Paralegal for founding attorneys John D. Rue and Allan L. Ziffra.

Lori has been with Rue & Ziffra for over 25 years. She began as a receptionist with the firm and has since worked in every position in the office. Lori’s vast experience in the personal injury field provides clients with exceptional service and professional knowledge. She enjoys working with clients one on one to help resolve those matters most important to them.

Currently, Lori assists John D. Rue and Allan L. Ziffra with high level, complex personal injury cases, including motorcycle accidents, automobile accidents and death cases. She assists with all aspects of the firm from complex litigation files to consoling family members of the seriously injured or deceased victims. Lori assists with numerous issues and problems that can arise with a case from contacting investigators and providing information needed to pursue a claim to retaining appropriate experts that can testify on a case. With her years of experience in working for John D. Rue and Allan L. Ziffra, she can foresee and assist the attorneys through the completion of the case.

  • Contact Details

    • Phone: (386) 788-7700
    • Toll-Free: (800) JUSTICE
    • Port Orange, Florida