Charlee Gallagher

Case Manager

Charlee Gallagher is a personal injury Case Manager for Attorney Kim Bouck, Edward Rue, Matthew Mitchell, and David Sweat. Responsible for handling various aspects of client matters, Charlee has proven her dedication to her position at our firm as well as her drive to learn multiple facets of the legal profession. In general, her position involves assisting clients with property damage, reimbursement for lost wages, mileage, scheduling attorney-client meetings and managing all aspects of her clients’ cases until a settlement is reached on their behalf. Charlee joined the personal injury law firm of Rue & Ziffra in 2009. She first began as a receptionist but quickly advanced in the firm, earning bigger roles and responsibilities.

  • Contact Details

    • Phone: (386) 788-7700
    • Toll-Free: (800) JUSTICE
    • Port Orange, Florida