Our History

A Little About Us..

The Florida personal injury law firm of Rue & Ziffra has been in your community and on your side for over 40 years. Since our founding, our attorneys and staff members have made it their mission to help those who have been wrongfully injured throughout and around Volusia County seek the justice and compensation they deserve.

Each member of our team is just like you: we live in the same community, we are proud supporters of our children’s athletic teams, and we participate in many of the local events that have made “The World’s Most Famous Beach” and the cities around it one of the best destination spots in the country.

Although we have been serving individuals like you and your family for over three decades, many people may not know the story behind our firm and how this history has shaped who we are today.

How We Got Started..

The story behind Rue & Ziffra, starts with the undertaking of one of its founding attorneys, Attorney John D. Rue. Before starting his career in law, Mr. Rue worked predominantly in the insurance business. He held various positions including that of an insurance adjuster and claims supervisor, and also branched out as an attorney for a major insurance company.

Eventually, Mr. Rue decided to practice law exclusively. As an avid motorcyclist, he was determined to open his own firm dedicated to helping other bikers like himself who had been injured because of another driver’s negligence. Thus, he opened his own law firm in 1976 specifically devoted to helping individuals hurt in motorcycle crashes and other types of personal injury claims.

Due to his extensive knowledge of both the insurance and legal fields, Mr. Rue became a valuable asset to the legal profession that other law firms could not match. He was able to help clients maneuver swiftly and smoothly through the claims process while helping them receive the full benefits they deserved from the at-fault party’s insurance company. With early success, the firm’s clientele began to grow, bringing with it the need for expansion in other areas.

In 1991, Attorney Allan L. Ziffra joined Mr. Rue as the co-founder of Rue & Ziffra, P.A. Also a devoted motorcyclist, Mr. Ziffra had a passion for helping bikers and other victims of personal injury claims receive full and fair compensation for their injuries.

In 1993, Mr. Ziffra became the firm’s President and has held this position since then. As such, he oversees many aspects of the business’s operations, including its system management and marketing efforts. Throughout his years, he has handled various types of personal injury claims such as bicycle and truck accidents, pedestrian claims, wrongful death, and motorcycle crashes. Before beginning his practice in law, he graduated with a tax law and accounting background. This knowledge gives him an edge over other lawyers when it comes to the tax consequences of structured settlements and annuities, as well as in calculating the present value of future lost wages.

Expanding Over the Years..

Attorneys John Rue and Allan Ziffra have been a strong force within the legal field since the beginning and have built a successful business centered on helping clients in need. However, in order to provide the best service available for victims of automobile accidents, motorcycle crashes, and other types of personal injury claims, the firm has expanded over the years in both personnel and areas of practice.

In 1998, Rue & Ziffra began seriously advocating Social Security Disability claims, which has been exclusively handled by Attorney Luis R. Gracia. Knowledgeable in the detailed and often complex social security rules and procedures, Mr. Gracia handles numerous SSD cases for clients living throughout the Central Florida area. With an attorney such as Mr. Gracia by their side, individuals who are initially denied SSD benefits can have a fighting chance of appealing their case and receiving the benefits they rightfully deserve.

Also, the firm employs the experience and skill of Attorney Kim Bouck to help clients with medical malpractice claims. Mrs. Bouck and her staff, including an in-house registered nurse, are passionate about helping families deal with the intricacies involved in cases of medical and hospital negligence. While balancing vigor and compassion, our medical malpractice team can help your family competently face the medical facility and find peace in a stressful situation.

Further, our firm also has the privilege of partnering with Attorney David Sweat who is a familiar face within the Daytona Beach area motorcycle community. Mr. Sweat focuses his representation mostly on helping victims of motorcycle accidents understand their rights and receive the full benefits needed to help them and their family recover after a crash. Finally, Rue & Ziffra also expanded into the field of Workers’ Compensation, led by Attorney Darren Coleman. Mr. Coleman has a deep understanding of the Florida Workers’ Compensation laws, which can benefit any claimant injured on the job needing help navigating through the complex and lengthy claims process.

Working to Serve You Better..

Our main office has been located in Port Orange, Florida, since our firm’s establishment. This location is conveniently situated near some of the major Volusia County cities, such as Orlando, Sanford, Daytona Beach, Ormond Beach, New Smyrna Beach, and Edgewater. This means that we are actively involved in our community’s key events including Bike Week, Biketoberfest, and the Daytona 500. Not only does our staff like to enjoy these events from a personal perspective, but we also like to present informational materials about road safety and after-accident tips during these activities

Through the Years..

Through the years, we have come to recognize that clients have been reaching out to our firm from other major cities in Florida. To respond to their personal injury needs, we have expanded our office locations to include satellite offices in both DeLand and Palm Coast.

Although maintaining offices in various locations throughout Central Florida is a benefit that other firms do not offer, we also realize that many potential clients may not be in the position to travel outside of his or her home or nursing home facility. In our eyes, this should not prevent an individual from receiving legal help during a time of need. As a result, Rue & Ziffra offers personal house calls to conduct a free evaluation of a client’s case. If you are in need of assistance, you can rest assured that one of our attorneys will readily come to where you are.

Community Involvement..

One thing that our firm prides itself on is living up to our motto of being “in your community and on your side.” We love being a part of the local community events, whether providing support for the New Smyrna Beach High School girls’ swim team or providing refreshments and snacks during Port Orange Family Days.

Especially during the past few years, our firm has been proactive about expanding our outreach to community members. One type of event we are always willing to help sponsor includes local motorcycle rides to raise money for various causes. Living true to Attorney John Rue’s mission from the beginning, we have sponsored various motorcycle runs throughout Volusia County and Flagler County, including the 2011 Memorial Ride that was held to remember the fallen firemen and police officers from September 11, 2001. Not only did we sponsor the event, but our attorneys and staff also participated in the festivities, including Attorney David Sweat who rides his bike during many of these motorcycle runs.

Among many of the other events we actively engage in around your community include Relay for Life, annual Bike Week and Biketoberfest activities, Port Orange Family Days, many food festivals held on Flagler Ave, and sponsoring some of the fireworks shows at Cubs’ stadium. The list goes on and on.

To show our community just how much we love supporting local charities and sponsoring events, we dedicated a page on our site for all the events, schools and charities that we sponsor. This page is solely dedicated to house all of our event information, including pictures from previous activities and dates of upcoming events in which we will be participating. At each event, we will usually have a tent set up where you and your family can stop by, chat with a staff member or attorney, and receive some free goodies. During our bigger events such as Bike Week, we also make sure to raffle off a special hotel or cruise getaway for two lucky winners!

As well as physically participating in local activities, our firm also produces a monthly newsletter for members of our community. In it, we provide informational articles regarding some of the practice areas we handle, such as statistics regarding boating accidents and tips to prevent serious bicycle accidents. Also, this is another place where readers can find information about upcoming events in their area and how to get involved.

Where We Are Now..

Since its beginning, Rue & Ziffra has been a dedicated personal injury firm standing consistent among the tumultuous times our community has endured over the years. Our mission has always been to provide our clients with above-average satisfactory service in the times they need it most. It has been our goal to be the law firm you turn to after an accident or when facing a stressful situation.

While keeping true to our core foundations, we are also open to change as the needs of our clients and community evolve. We are living in an age where new technology brings new opportunities for us to serve you and your family in more efficient ways. As such, we strive to incorporate new research methods, system enhancements, and community outreach techniques to ensure our clients receive the best service we can offer.

Being involved in an automobile crash or slip and fall accident can produce a scary situation coupled with mounting medical bills and lost wages. Do not be left alone to deal with the complex issues that come with a personal injury claim. Instead, reach out for help from the law firm that you know, with the attorneys and staff you can trust.