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ERISA Disability Claims

Often times, a person may suffer a disability as a result of various situations (such as from an illness or work-related injury). When this happens, they can potentially endure financial losses and set backs due to the inability to fulfill their normal work duties. However, when a person is no longer able to take care of themselves or work to support their family, they may acquire long-term care through a long-term disability (ERISA) insurance policy.

Individuals have the ability to purchase a long-term disability policy in order to protect them from potential financial losses associated with future sufferings. Unfortunately though, many long-term disability claimants find that their claim may be denied or their payments delayed. In order for a long-term disability claimant to seek guidance and restitution, they may hire a disability attorney to try and reverse the denied claim so that the disabled person may receive their due benefits.

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  • What is Long-Term Disability?
  • How Do I Obtain a Long-Term Disability Insurance Policy?
  • What is the Time Limit for Receiving Long Term Disability Benefits?
  • How Much of My Salary Will Long-Term Disability Insurance Pay?
  • What if I am Partially Disabled?
  • What Makes Me Eligible to Start Receiving Long-Term Disability Benefits?
  • What is an Elimination Period?
  • Who Determines if I am Entitled to Benefits?
  • What Role Will My Doctor Play in My Long-Term Disability Claim?
  • Why Would My Long-Term Disability Claim be Rescinded?
  • Why Would My Long-Term Disability Claim be Limited?
  • Why Would My Long-Term Disability Claim be Denied?
  • What Are My Options if My Claim is Rescinded, Limited or Denied?
  • Why Do I Need a Lawyer?

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The complex nature of Long Term Disability (ERISA) cases indicates the need to work with an experienced law firm. Our Long Term Disability attorneys offer you over 100 years of combined experience. We are here for you 24/7, so if you have a question or a concern, as your local attorneys, we can discuss it with you and put your mind at ease. The attorneys at Rue & Ziffra offer peace of mind and aggressive representation every step of the way. We will do everything in our power to get you the benefits you deserve.

You want to work with a Long Term Disability lawyer that is highly familiar with ERISA law – this is the federal law that protects employees’ rights. It is the Employee Income Retirement Security Act. This law is supposed to protect you but administrators can still deny your benefits. Don’t let them place barriers between you and the benefits that are rightly due you. Rue & Ziffra can navigate through these complicated matters and resolve your case.

The Law Offices of Rue & Ziffra and Attorneys have provided legal advice for decades right here in your local area and we’ve achieved results for those who have been affected by Long Term Disability and ERISA in Bunnell, Daytona Beach, DeBary, DeLand, Deltona, Edgewater, Flagler Beach, New Smyrna, Orlando, Ormond Beach, Palm Coast, Port Orange and Sanford.