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Geographic Location

Deltona is a city within southwest Volusia County, Florida situated approximately 30 miles inland from the Atlantic Ocean to the east. It is adjacent to the cities of DeBary, Orange City, Lake Helen and in close proximity to DeLand. In relation to the bigger, more populated cities, Deltona sits west of Daytona Beach (about 25 miles) and south of Palm Coast.
Some people regard Deltona as being an "edge city" to the Orlando Metropolitan Area, as it sits 25 miles northeast of Orlando. Interstate-4 provides regional transportation access to and from Deltona to Orlando, making weekend activities in the bigger city very accessible

The Battle Between Residential & Economic Land Use in Deltona

Currently, Commercial land uses less than 2.3% of all developed land in Deltona. Instead, the land is predominantly residential with less than three acres of commercial property servicing every 1,000 persons. As a result, the city's economic standing is largely impacted by the state and regional economy with a great deal of reliance on surrounding communities for work, shopping and entertainment.
From a regional perspective, the US 17-92 corridor is a main hub of commercial activity for residents in Deltona. The main thoroughfares consist of Deltona Boulevard, Providence Boulevard, Saxon Boulevard and Enterprise Road, where many restaurants, shopping centers and grocery stores are located. Residents of Deltona will also travel the short distance to DeLand for commercial and other economic needs.

Staying Safe Around the Neighborhood

Since Deltona's land mass is largely used for residential purposes, it may be important to reiterate issues of safety within neighborhoods. Unlike surrounding rural areas, Deltona holds more heavily populated residential neighborhoods. In this type of area, it is not uncommon to see children playing outside with friends and adults holding outdoor BBQ's and other social gatherings.
It is important to remember that hazardous situations are everywhere, even in our own neighborhood. As a result, we all must do our part to learn and be proactive about keeping ourselves and our neighbors safe.
Some neighborhood safety tips include:

  • Monitor where your children play. Even if your street does not get a lot of traffic, be sure to know where your kids are playing outside and check on them periodically.
  • Keep your dog securely tied up. If you let your dog into the yard, make sure they are properly restrained or fenced to stop them from unexpectedly chasing or attacking someone. Remember, victims of dog bites can hire an attorney to take action against your dog!
  • Be cautious of bicyclists and other pedestrians. During the warmer months, it is not unusual to see more adults and children riding bikes, rollerblading, skateboarding and jogging. When behind the wheel, always check your blind spots and drive slowly through the neighborhood – just in case you have to stop suddenly for children who are playing.

Rue & Ziffra Sponsorships & Events in Deltona

Below are some of the Deltona organizations Rue & Ziffra has been proud to sponsor.

Deltona High School

Rue & Ziffra is a proud supporter of the Deltona High School newsletter for the 2011 – 2012 school year. Contributing to the support and education of our community's children is our goal with each school group we sponsor.

Deltona Rotary Club

Our firm has also made a commitment to support the Deltona Rotary Club. Through our gift for 2011, we hope to help the club have continued success with their many service projects and missions. In addition to helping the Florida United Methodist Children's Home, the Deltona Rotary Club has repaired broken bicycles to be donated as Christmas gifts to needy children and answered phones for the United Cerebral Palsy telethon.