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Child Neglect

Children are naturally adventurous little creatures that just want to run free. They want to see everything, touch it, taste it, and if it’s large enough climb on top of it. While it is adorable to watch and worth envying their ability to witness the world as some new and wondrous thing, it almost means they need quite a bit of supervision. When you leave them in a daycare or sign them up for the little league you expect them to be safe and supervised. What if they get injured in daycare, or in their school or on the playing field? It is heartbreaking to see our little ones injured and a potential headache dealing with the legal aspect of the injury.

When you leave a child with someone rather it is a daycare, babysitter, school, or anyone that accepts them, they are also accepting responsibility for that child’s safety. For some sports, you might be required to sign a waiver agreeing that you understand the potential for injury while playing sports. Injuries do happen in sports, even to trained athletics in major sports leagues. As long as the injury could not have been avoided, responsibility won’t fall on the team itself. If it could have been avoided, such as equipment being used improperly, improper instructions were given, or apparent safety hazards were ignored, then responsibility can fall on the team.

Of course, not only children fall into this topic. Your child is your responsibility until they are 18 years of age. Once they turn 18 they are considered an adult. Before 18, however, you have the final say in many of their life choices. If they are injured, they are also your responsibility to take care of them. If this means legal action, you will take the lead in it along with your attorney.

First thing though,  you need to have an attorney. Rue & Ziffra has over 40 years of experience in the legal field. We cover a wide variety of cases including child neglect. If your child is injured, don’t hesitate to contact us at (386) 788-7700 to make sure you get the compensation you need for your child. This includes medical payments and lost wages from work missed caring for the child

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