To help you better understand our personal injury legal services here at Rue & Ziffra, personal testimonials are available below for you to view. These testimonials were taken directly from previous clients who decided, on their own, to contact Rue & Ziffra, for help with their specific legal needs.

Please remember that the details of each accident and case differ from person to person and that the provided testimonials and their outcomes do not reflect the results and experience of every case Rue & Ziffra handles.

Previous Client: Holly G., South Daytona

“My experience with Rue & Ziffra was perfect. Mr Gracia, Shannon and Janet were compassionate, yet very serious. When I panicked, they calmed me. They did exactly what they said they would do. I’m very happy with the end result of my case, yet very humbled. I get a fresh start and I am so thankful.”

Previous Client: Staci H., Daytona Beach 

“Tina was such an amazing person to deal with. I would highly recommend Rue & Ziffra to anyone who needs help with a case. This firm was so stress free, I was able to concentrate on my cancer and family. Thank you!”

Previous Client: Gary E., Port Orange

“It’s hard when disability hits out of nowhere. You always think you still have time to plan, I didn’t. Rue & Ziffra helped me through the process quickly so I could move on. Everyone was very helpful.”

Previous Client: James P., Port Orange

“Janet Robinson went above and beyond and provided superior client services. I would welcome the opportunity to stand and talk like a stiff robot while telling the world how great Rue & Ziffra is on a TV commercial. Thank you Rue & Ziffra!”

Previous Client: Robert S., Deltona

“At times I felt like I was lost in a stormy sea. The excellent team efforts of Attorney Luis Gracia, Tina Ehrenkaufer and Jennifer Lloyd brought me safely to shore. Many thanks and blessings to the Rue & Ziffra team.”

Previous Client: DaLeeta M.

“I came to Rue & Ziffra due to being turned down by both Social Security Disability and my employer’s Long Term Disability insurance company. They had come highly recommended by my doctor who was battling to get me on Disability.  I was so discouraged with being sick and having to fight these entities but once I spoke to the attorneys at Rue and Ziffra, I had complete peace of mind. They did let me know that nothing was guaranteed and that there was a chance that we would lose but I still had faith in them because they were on top of everything to do with my cases. They completely took over my cases and were so nice, professional and kept me informed of our status. Both of my cases settled so quickly due to the thoroughness of all they submitted to the companies and I knew that this firm only had my best interest in mind. I believe that their fees are completely reasonable and probably less than what you would pay at other firms. They are amazing and if I ever need another attorney to represent me, Rue & Ziffra will be my first choice.”

Previous Client: Stephen V., Palm Coast

“Very sensible advice every step of the way!”

Previous Client: Celeste R., Deltona

“Rue & Ziffra is doing a beautiful job. Very responsible and courteous firm. Thank you for everything you have done for my family and I.”

Previous Client: Linda B., Ormond Beach

“I was highly recommended by my neighbor to Rue & Ziffra. She said to just call, speak with them, and if they can help they will! I called and was encouraged to come in to see them. As soon as you enter the building you are greeted with warm, friendly smiles. I was nervous not knowing what to expect, but right away I was made to feel like I came to the right place. Mr. Gracia’s legal team listened to me with open hearts and compassion, asked me questions, shared with me the expectations and the laws, then advised me to go home and relax. Leave the worry to them. I appreciate everyone’s kindness and work ethics while pursuing the success of my case. My very special thanks to Mr. Gracia, Tina, Jennifer, Stephanie and the entire team!”

Previous Client: Michael R., Deltona

“Rue & Ziffra met all of our needs in our time of crisis! Friendly, knowledgeable staff took on our insurance company when the girl that hit me is underinsured.”

Previous Client: Port Orange

“Ms. Jenkins and Mr. Gracia were outstanding! Very helpful!

Previous Client: Scott P., Palm Coast

“Having to deal with insurance companies in my case made my wait a bit lengthy, but being well informed as my case processed and the politeness of the staff made the wait easier to deal with. I’d be happy to use this firm again!”

Previous Client: Aaron V., Palm Coast

“I had a severe injury and thanks to Janet and Mr. Coleman, I was able to get on with my life, not so much physically but financially. I do not think any other attorney would have done as fine a job as they did.”

Previous Client: Port Orange

“Mr. Gracia was friendly, professional, and was well prepared. He knew the law that applied to my case and was able to reach a satisfactory outcome.”

Previous Client: James L., Bunnell

“If you want to be treated like family, don’t hesitate. Call Rue & Ziffra NOW!”

Previous Client: Essie N., Port Orange

“Staff was very warm and welcoming. I was recommended by a friend, after the excellent service I received I understand why the firm was so highly recommended.”

Previous Client: Port Orange

“You guys were really wonderful. It’s a great feeling and I am really thankful for all your help. Great people and very effective in their job. Thank you”

Previous Client: Carmen R., Palm Coast

“You are a true example of what it takes to be with a successful law firm. I commend you, and your service.”

Previous Client: Chae P., South Daytona

“Each person I talked to was professional and gave me answers right away, or would find out and call me right back. I was treated great and kept aware of my claim.”

Previous Client: David M., Port Orange

“It is true what you firms motto states, in your community, on your side. In my time of need, your firm was there for my family and I. Thank you.”

Previous Client: St. Augustine

“Mr. Luis Gracia I highly recommend. Thank you for taking my case and listening. My life has changed thanks to you and your staff”

Previous Client: Sean D., Deltona

“My experience with Rue & Ziffra was to say the least “pleasantly surprising” and lifted the weight of the world off my shoulders!”

Previous Client: Steven N., Port Orange

“After my 20+ years of service in the U.S.M.C, which included numerous combat tours overseas, it was a relief to sit back and let the team at Rue & Ziffra fight this battle for me. Not only did the deliver what they set out to do, but they gave me peace of mind, allowing em to rest so I could redirect my energies to re-acclimating to civilian life and focus on healing physically, mentally, and emotionally.”

Previous Client: John N., Deltona 

“After attending the SSD seminar held by Mr. Gracia, I came away with a great understanding of the system and the knowledge to proceed. Mr. Coleman did an outstanding job representing me with my workers’ compensation case and with the patience and guidance of Mrs. Robinson, I am sure I attained the best possible outcome. My thanks to everyone!”

Previous Client: Cathy Gifford

Previous client, Cathy Gifford, sustained injuries to her right leg when she was thrown into a pool. While visiting with family, one of her relatives “tossed” her into the middle of the pool connected to the house. Instead of having enough room to swim freely, Cathy’s leg hyper extended, hit the bottom of the pool and broke.  She decided to contact an attorney once she began to feel “overwhelmed” by having to fill out paperwork and answer questions from her insurance company. An acquaintance recommended Cathy to speak with the Daytona personal injury attorneys at Rue & Ziffra, where she received immediate assistance the same day she called in. Attorney David Sweat predominantly handled her case, working through the paperwork and questions that had previously overwhelmed Cathy.

Previous Client: John Mazur

Previous Client, John Mazur, sustained injuries when he was hit in his car by another driver. The negligent driver that caused the automobile accident was both speeding and texting on his cell phone at the time of the impact. His car collided with the back of John’s while John was waiting in traffic at an intersection. Because of the impact, John received a spinal cord injury and found himself unable to continue working at his previous job. He decided to contact an attorney once he noticed that his medical bills were not being paid by his insurance company, resulting in medical providers refusing further treatment. John chose to be represented by the Daytona personal injury attorneys at Rue & Ziffra, who helped him get his medical bills paid and receive financial compensation for his injuries.

Previous Client: Bruce S., Casselberry, FL

Previous Client: Audrey T., DeLand, FL