What is the Most Common Cause of a School Bus Accident?

Last year, roughly 155 school bus accidents took place in Florida, and upon determination, every one of these accidents was caused due to school bus driver error. In 28 of these accidents, at least one person sustained a personal injury.

Passenger vehicle drivers are repeatedly warned to drive safely when in close proximity to school buses. Negligent drivers are one of the major causes of school bus accidents in the United States, as they can either strike the actual school bus or they may hit children as they are boarding or leaving the bus. Failure to stop for a school bus with its stop signals displayed is a crime in Florida, and a hazard to your child.

However, latest statistics suggest that while many passenger drivers may be getting the message, school bus drivers may require added regulations. In many of the 158 school bus accidents in Florida last school year, driver error resulted when a school bus driver failed to yield right of way. In some cases, driver mistakes, such as an illegal turn, caused the accident.

Poor weather conditions can also result in school bus crashes. When severe storms, such as a tropical system, threaten your area, the school board should put the safety of the students first and close schools when necessary. The school is also responsible for making sure the buses are properly inspected and maintained to avoid malfunction. If any of these responsibilities are overlooked, tragedy has the potential to strike you and your family.


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