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Hurt on the Job

It’s a hard job, but someone’s got to do it. Well, at least until they get hurt doing it. Then someone else has to do it. The person who got hurt now has to hopefully recover until it’s their turn to get back to work. How long will that be though, and how will they survive until then? Those are two very good questions that not everyone can answer. By the time we are done with this article, however, you will know a little more about it. Most people don’t worry too much about it because they don’t plan on getting hurt. No one wakes up in the morning and thinks to themselves “I’m going to treat myself today and fall off a 12 ft ladder”. Well, maybe a Hollywood stuntman, but today we are not in Hollywood, we are in DeLand, FL near the east coast of the state.

People may not realize this, but forms of compensation or disability after an injury is not always instant. In fact, it can take months before you get paid anything after an injury, even one that legally qualifies you for disability. Can you imagine having to survive for even one month without getting a regular paycheck? This is why is it a good idea to know where that compensation is going to come from and how much it will be even before you are on the job site. Don’t wait until the unexpected happens, and don’t be afraid to do things because you decided to expect all the worst case scenarios. Just be safe, go do your job, and be prepared for anything by knowing what to do before it happens.

Of course, different industries will have different forms of compensation. Ones, where the injury is more likely to occur, will have more extensive forms of protection and compensation, usually in the form of workers’ compensation, or workers’ comp for short. Workers’ comp is kind of a trade-off compensation where you surrender your right to file a lawsuit against the company in exchange for compensation from the company. This protects the company from a large lawsuit and a mark against its name, while still giving you the ability to survive while injured.