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Being Safe on a Bike

How many films that take place in a beautiful city have at least one shot of a bicycle rider going past the screen to signify the people there are happy and content? This is especially true in European films where a lot of these pleasant towns are reminiscent of the old world. This must mean that Florida is a paradise to live in because we see bicycle riders every single day. In some areas, you might see as many people on bicycles as you see driving cars. It is wonderful that the bicycle has become a lifestyle. It is an extremely healthy lifestyle that gets you out and about while losing weight and building muscle. It also helps you to soak up that sunshine, which has its own range of benefits.

What isn’t fun about bicycle riding is sitting at home because you got in a bicycle accident. While bicycles are great ways to get around, they don’t do well in accidents. Just a minor fall can scrape up your knees, but if you are hit by a vehicle, the list of potential injuries can be major and even life-threatening.  Many times it is difficult for a bicycle rider to get back on a bike after an accident due to the severity of their injuries or even fear may play a part.

Whether it is the injury keeping you down or the memory of the accident, you need to get back on that horse and try again. You can get compensation to help with the physical and mental anguish the accident has put you through. Pretty much anything you need to return to normal, the at-fault person is liable to pay. This includes medical expenses, time lost from work, therapy to handle the mental stress, even training to enter a new career field if you can’t go back to your old job.

So if you have been involved in an accident, contact Rue & Ziffra. A Palm Coast Bicycle Accident Attorney will help you understand what compensation you qualify for, and guide you through the process, along with protecting you in a court of law. Call us today at (386) 788-7700.