Why is an Attorney Helpful in Securing Veteran’s Disability Benefits?

Serving in the military is a wonderful, selfless act that many brave Americans commit. This service protects the freedoms and rights that we are so lucky to have in this country. Unfortunately, many of these service men and women suffer life-altering injuries during their time in the military.

If you or a loved one have an injury or disability as a result of serving in the military, things can become difficult. Medical bills and other expenses can add up, especially if you’re unable to work as a result of your condition. Disabled veterans in the State of Florida may be eligible to receive a variety of benefits made available from the Florida Department of Veterans’ Affairs, including tax-free compensation and education benefits.

Submitting a claim for benefits to the VA can be a complex process. Although you may have the proper documentation, it can be difficult to prove that your injury or disability is a direct result of your service in the military. It can become frustrating if your claim is denied and you’re unable to secure the benefits that you deserve.

At Rue, Ziffra and Caldwell, we have skilled attorneys who are here to help you understand your rights and to secure the benefits you need to recover and get back on your feet. Attorney Darren Collman has been practicing personal injury law in Central Florida for over 10 years. Mr. Coleman can help you to understand what is required of you during your claim or appeal process, meet important deadlines and gather the proper documents, medical records and other materials needed to make your claim a successful one.

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