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Most Common Industries for Injury

You would be surprised at the most common ways people are injured in the workplace. One of the most common ones is what is called reflex injuries. When you feel yourself falling you tend to jerk suddenly to save yourself. Believe it or not, you can hurt yourself by doing this. The sudden jerking motion can pull a muscle and cause you to flail your arms. This is just one of many of the ways you can get injured on a worksite, especially when it is one known for injuries.

There are a few industries known for injuries, however, you might be surprised at the ones with the highest rates. You might think that construction would be one of the biggest industries for injury yet it’s not even in the top five. What are in the top five?

  1. Air Transportation: This includes pilots, stewardess, cargo handlers, and anyone involved with getting any airplane in the air.
  2. Wood Product Manufacturing: Wood products need to be sawed with sharp blades and sanded with rough sandpaper. Not to mention logs can be quite heavy as well.
  3. Couriers and Messengers: Moving through the city on a bicycle to deliver messages can be a dangerous gig. Rewarding, yet still dangerous with all of those vehicles.
  4. Nursing: Believe it or not, working in a medical facility can be dangerous. Long hours, lots of rushing, lots of equipment, it can all actually be kinda dangerous.
  5. Animal Production: A cow can weigh several pounds, pigs can take a painful bite out of your hand, and geese can be evil. Where they raised are a natural place for injuries for occurring.

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