The Truth About Auto Insurance

According to Florida State Law, you need to have at least $10,000 dollars worth of Personal Injury Protection and $10,000 worth of Property Damage Liability. What does that mean exactly? It means that if you are in an automobile accident, your insurance coverage must cover at least $10,000 of medical coverage and $10,000 of property damage, such as damage to the vehicle. For minor incidents, this is more than enough to cover you. Small collisions tend to not have many serious injuries and don’t do much damage to a vehicle. What happens if someone rams into you going full speed? Especially if you are driving a fancy new car?

It’s no secret that medical expenses are expensive in America. Just the ride to the hospital can break someone if they don’t have insurance to cover it. Depending on how far away you are and how much treatment you need on the way, the ambulance can cost over $1,000. Put that on top of the hospital room, the cost of medication, the doctor, any surgeries, and you have left that $10,000 far behind.

When someone hits you and you go beyond that coverage, the rest of the money has to come from somewhere. It definitely should not be coming out of your pocket. This makes the person who caused the accident liable for whatever compensation there is left to give. This doesn’t just stop at medical costs though, this extends into areas such as lost income in all its forms. Lost income isn’t just the wages you lost from the injury, it also covers any work bonuses you used up. If you had five days of paid vacation that you decided to use because of the injury, those five days are included in the compensation. The same goes for any other form of employment benefits that you had to use.

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