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Bicyclists are traveling on our roads more now than ever before. The same traffic laws apply to both bicyclists and motor vehicle operators, but unfortunately, many motorists remain uneducated and fail to recognize bicyclists’ rights. As a result, bicycle crashes are seen in today’s society, and many victims often seek help from a bicycle accident attorney.

Bicycle accidents can be devastating (especially when they involve a collision with an automobile) and often result in future hardships for both the injured individual and his or her family. Incurring medical bills alone can become very costly and often put a tremendous strain on the injured individual.

If you have suffered damages or injury in a bicycle accident resulting from a negligent motor vehicle operator or other cause, you are entitled to consult with a bicycle crash lawyer and file a claim. By hiring an attorney knowledgeable in bicycle accidents, you can concentrate on healing instead of figuring out the detailed legal and medical processes that come with pursuing a bicycle accident case.

When individuals who are riding their bicycle get hit by a car or other motor vehicle, they are often faced with many uncertainties. Below, we hope to provide you with assurance as we answer our most common questions regarding bicycle accidents:

The attorneys knowledgeable in bicycle accidents at Rue & Ziffra, respect the rights of bicyclists and understand their needs. They have handled numerous bicycle accident cases and know what types of legal and medical procedures to expect for each client they represent.

Bicycle collisions and bicycle accidents can cause severe injuries. Neck and head injuries are very common, and many bicyclists suffer brain damage after a serious bicycle accident. Spinal cord injuries, nerve damage, broken limbs, and even permanent injuries are not uncommon with this type of accident.

Unfortunately, cyclists involved in accidents often miss considerable amounts of work while they are recovering. Injuries may require reconstructive surgery or lengthy and expensive medical treatment. Not all insurance companies are willing to pay a bicyclist without a struggle — don’t forget, many insurance companies hire attorneys of their own. Bicyclists should hire their own professional Florida attorneys to represent them so they can receive the best medical treatment and support possible.

A bicyclist or pedestrian who has been injured in an accident may be entitled to Personal Injury Protection (PIP) benefits up to $10,000 from the vehicle that injured them or from any vehicle owned in their household. In order to get the full Personal Injury Protection (PIP) benefits to which you may be entitled, it is important to speak to qualified Florida attorneys who have experience dealing with bicycle injury cases.

Daytona Beach Bicycle Accident Attorneys

The Daytona Beach, Florida attorneys at Rue & Ziffra can help you understand your legal rights in bicycle accident cases and can help you decide from the many options available to you. Our Florida lawyers can investigate your bicycle injury case, look into your specific injury situation, and work with everyone involved in the accident — including any insurance companies — to make sure that you get the help you need quickly. If you have been injured in a bicycle accident there is no time to lose – call and speak to an attorney today. We can help you.

If you have been involved in a bicycle accident and need a lawyer, contact Rue & Ziffra, for your free consultation. We will better help you understand your legal rights. Our attorneys know Florida Law. Call us anytime; we are available 24/7.

What If I Was Hurt While Renting a Bicycle and Signed a Waiver of Liability?

A waiver is a legal form or document that releases someone, or some organization, from liability. Insurance waivers usually are offered to, or requested to be signed by, individuals by organizations or companies seeking to document the fact that the individual has declined a certain type of insurance.

A waiver or release gives up a right, such as releasing one from his/her liability for harm or damage that may occur from performing under a contract, or participating in an activity. Some activities are considered inherently dangerous, and those who participate in such activities may be required to sign a release form, acknowledging that they are assuming the responsibility for their voluntary participation in such activities. The release acts as an assurance to the person requesting the release that they will not be subjected to litigation resulting from the signing party’s informed and consensual acts.

Learn more about what you can do about bicycle injuries and your waiver of liability.

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