Construction Truck Accidents

construction truckConstruction trucks travel our nation’s roads daily. Whether hauling concrete to new building sites, transporting water to fill swimming pools or tanks, bringing gasoline to the local gas station, or moving sand and rocks to a new location, each holds an increased risk over passenger vehicles of catastrophe. All trucks hold the potential for serious accident and injury, but because cement, water, gas, and dump trucks typically weigh thousands of tons more than the average truck and are shaped differently than most to carry their respective goods, these trucks have an increased risk of causing disaster.

Construction trucks can be found almost anywhere in Central Florida. Cement, water, gas, and dump trucks often make dozens of trips and deliveries a day, joining other large trucks jostling for space with tourists, full-time, and seasonal residents on congested roads and highways. Due to this factor, the possibility of being involved in a construction truck accident is greater than one might believe with dangers grave and serious.

The majority of construction trucks are considered a part of intrastate traffic. This means that these types of vehicles operate within a particular state and do not cross state borders. As a result, construction trucks are regulated by state law, instead of federal Department of Transportation regulations.

The possibility of a construction truck accident can become even more dangerous if the truck is not properly maintained or well-driven.  This, in combination with the goods needing to reach their destination quickly to avoid expiration and drivers working to complete a timely deadline, can often result in a crash like no other, leaving families forever affected.

Construction Truck Accident Attorneys in Florida

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