Worker’s Compensation

 Having a job sometimes comes with big news. You get to go home and tell your waiting spouse that you got a big promotion, maybe you get to tell them that you got a raise, or are getting more hours, or are getting fired. We didn’t say it would always be good news. While good things happen to us, bad things also happen bad things like getting injured. If there is good news about that, it is most employers have programs to help you in the event of injury. The main program used is called Workers’ Comp.

   Workers’ Comp, or Workers’ Compensation, is a form of compensation paid by a company when a worker is injured doing their job. Every job has a danger of injury, even a cozy office job. You can slip on a wet floor or trip over something carelessly left in the way. Other jobs, of course, have higher chances of injury such as a busy kitchen or a lumber yard. Regardless of where you work, if you are injured on the job you may be due compensation. Since lawsuits take time, money and plenty of stress, workers’ comp may be there to help bypass all of that. The company pays for your injuries and you get to keep getting paid.

   To make sure you are getting the full benefits of workers’ comp or to simply move it along as quickly as possible, it is a good idea to have an attorney to represent you. Having a Palm Coast Workers’ Comp Attorney by your side will ensure you get all compensation that you are due and get it in a timely manner. Compensation doesn’t do much to help if you are months after the injury receiving it.  You have bills to pay and other expenses, so you really can’t afford to wait, take action now to get the process going.

   The best part is it doesn’t take much effort. All you have to do is pick up the phone, dial 526-4711, and talk to a Palm Coast Workers’ Comp Attorney at Rue & Ziffra. We will help get you the compensation you need to begin the healing process, without having to worry about expenses.


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