palm coast truck accident attorney

A Truck Powered World

The modern business world might seem like it is in the hands of businessmen and shareholders. Really though, the modern world is in the hands of truck drivers. Truck drivers are the ones who do the heavy lifting to make sure stores get the supplies they need. They get medical supplies across the country and building supplies where they need to go. The entire country is built on the truck driver’s job. With so much responsibility, you are going to need a vehicle that can handle it. The semi-truck can legally carry 80,000lbs and is truly an impressive vehicle. Especially when you consider they can also be lived in.

Some truckers go weeks at a time living in their truck. It is the only home they know as they work hard to keep the country’s businesses going. Understandably this can mean they are not always as alert as needed. Place that on top of a vehicle that isn’t always the easiest to handle and accidents are going to happen. Sadly when it comes to truck accidents, they are often fatal.

With 80,000lbs behind them, it can be hard to imagine another outcome. While there are lucky ones who come out of a truck accident with only injuries, or in rare miracles come out completely unharmed, many are not so lucky. This is made even harder by the fact that their family may not have seen them in weeks, and now may never see them again. It is a scene that we know all too well, and one we would like to never see again. Until the day we can eliminate auto accidents, Rue & Ziffra will continue to fight for the families that have lost a loved one in a truck accident. We will assign a Palm Coast Truck Accident Attorney to your case to make sure you don’t have to fight for anything. We will get you the compensation you rightfully deserve for your lost. Contact us today, and we will take charge of your case so you can mourn your loved ones in peace.


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