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Shoulder Labral Tear

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An injury characterized by a tear to the cartilage in the shoulder joint. This cartilage is located within the socket of the shoulder (glenoid) that connects to the end of the arm bone.

A shoulder labral tear can occur from direct impact to the shoulder, such as falling abnormally on it or absorbing a blow to it, repetitive movements to the shoulder that cause long term wear and lifting heavy objects.

A shoulder labral tear can cause pain and weakness in the shoulder and arm, loss of range of motion in the shoulder and a popping or grinding sensation that occurs with arm movement.

Treatment Procedures
For less severe tears, nonsurgical treatments can be used to heal a shoulder labral tear. This includes using anti-inflammatory drugs, rest, heat and physical therapy to relieve pain and help increase muscle strength to the affected area.

For severe tears, a surgical procedure called arthroscopy can be used to either remove torn cartilage or sew the torn pieces together.

Shoulder Labral Tear (Glenoid Labrum Tear)
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