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Quadriceps Strain

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A partial tear of the muscle fibers that make up the quadriceps group located in the front of the thigh. This group consist of four muscles in each leg that run from the hips to the knees.

An individual can strain his quadriceps by enduring a direct blow to the area (such as being in a car accident), stretching the group of muscles past their point of flex or by suddenly straining the muscles when they are not ready to endure stress.

Symptoms of a quadriceps strain include pain and swelling in the quad area, tenderness in the leg and bruising on the thigh.

Treatment Procedures
To treat a quadricep strain, doctors will usually recommend that the patient get a lot of rest, resist putting strain on the area, elevate the leg, put heat and ice on the affected area, gently massage the muscles after the pain begins to recede and begin strength exercises as recommended by a health professional.

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