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An injury characterized by the paralysis (loss of muscle function and sensation) of a person’s arms or legs (injury to both areas is calledquadriplegia).

This type of paralysis may be total or partial, depending on how much of the spinal cord is damaged.

This disorder is typically caused by injury to the spinal cord, below the neck. Paraplegia can also stem from certain nerve diseases such asmultiple sclerosis. Another common cause of paraplegia results from injuries sustained in automobile accidents and motorcycle accidents. Because of the high impact and pressure exerted on a victim, a crash can easily suscept people to spinal cord damage.

Symptoms of paraplegia include loss of muscle function and sensation below the level of injury and loss of firmness to the arm or leg muscles. An injured person may also experience loss of bladder and bowel control, sexual dysfunctions, cardiovascular complications and depression.

Treatment Procedures
If a person has suffered from a spinal cord injury that causes paraplegia, they must receive immediate medical attention in order to brace their spine. This is done to prevent further injury that can be caused by premature movement.

Recovering from a spinal cord injury is done through acute hospital rehabilitation techniques, such as physical therapy, mobility training with wheelchairs and counseling.

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