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PCL Injury

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An injury characterized by a tear or strain in the posterior cruciate ligament. This ligament is located within the back of the knee that connects the thighbone to the shinbone.

Injury to the posterior cruciate ligament is often due to excessive pressure and force exerted on that area of the knee. Such force can stem from falling on a bent knee, landing hard or abnormally on the knee or dislocation. A common cause of a PCL injury can stem from being involved in an automobile accident or motorcycle accident. This is because a high amount of pressure is often exerted on the knee area during a crash, with little to no protection.

Symptoms of a posterior cruciate ligament injury most often include pain, swelling and bruising to the injured area and weakness and instability to the knee and leg.

Treatment Procedures
For minor tears and strains, an injured person may need only rest, compression and elevation of the knee while the ligament heals on its own. For mobility, crutches are used to alleviate pressure on the injury. If a posterior cruciate ligament is severely torn, surgery may be performed to reconstruction the ligament or reattach it to its proper position.

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