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Neck Sprain

Author: Webmaster / August 8, 2016 / Categories:

A medical conditions characterized by the stretching and/or tearing of the muscles, tendons or ligaments of the neck. Mild sprains may involve stretching of the ligaments whereas more severe sprains would involve partial tears.

A neck sprain can be cause by any experience or sudden movement that causes the neck to extend past its normal rotation. For example, a person may sprain his neck after being involved in a car accident. This is because many individuals suffere whiplash from auto accidents, which causes the head and neck to jerk back and forth in rapid movements.

People who suffer from a neck sprain may experience pain, swelling, tenderness to the area, immobility of the neck, headache and stiffness in the neck.

Treatment Procedures
For a neck sprain, many physicians will urge the patient to keep the neck immobilized by weraing a brace or collar, while taking medication for pain symptoms. Physical therapy exercises may also be given to help a patient strengthen the neck muscles.

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