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Neck Fracture

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A break in one or more of the cervical bones (vertebrae) that make up the neck. This type of fracture can be very serious, often leading to paralysis or death to the victim.

A break in one of the neck bones is typically caused by a direct blow, pressure or trauma to the neck area. For example, when a person is in a motorcycle accident or diving accident, he or she can experience extreme force to the bones in the neck, causing them to crack or break. Sudden twisting, falling or colliding with something can also cause a neck fracture.

An individual who has suffered a neck fracture can experience pain, swelling, a numbing sensation and even paralysis.

Treatment Procedures For a neck fracture, treatment depends on such things as the severity of the fracture, if there is an associated dislocation or instability and which cervical bones are broken. For many cases, the patient will often be immobilized by a neck brace or collar until the affected area heals properly.

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