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Lower Back Pain

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A condition comprised of an ache, soreness or discomfort at the lower part of the back or spinal column. Low back pain can relate to problems with both the vertebrae and discs of the spine, the ligaments and nerves around the spine and discs, the muscles of the low back and injury to internal organs in the abdomen or pelvic area.

Lower back pain can stem from many causes, including sprained ligaments or muscles, ruptured or degenerated vertebral discs, fractures to vertebrae of the spine and injury to other internal organs in the lower back area.

Lower back pain can range from mild to severe, depending on the cause or complexity of the problem. It is usually localized to the low back area, but can extend into the buttock area or legs. The pain typically gets worse with movement, such as when a person goes from a standing position to bending or twisting.

Other symptoms of lower back pain consist of numbness in the affected area as well as in the legs or buttocks, difficulty in walking or moving and loss of bladder control.

Treatment Procedures
Typically, lower back pain will go away on its own, especially if the affected individual takes measures (plenty of bed rest, physical therapy treatments and pain medication) to aid in their recovery. Surgery is rarely needed, unless a person has underlying nerve or vertebral problems causing the pain. In this case, certain surgical procedures such as microdiskectomy, laminectomy and spinal fusion may be used to relieve lower back pain.

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