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Jumper’s Knee

Author: Webmaster / August 8, 2016 / Categories:

A type of patellar tendinopathy where there is injury to the tendon that connects the patella (kneecap) to the lower leg bone.

Jumper’s Knee is commonly caused by anything strenuous resulting in overuse of the knee tendon. This maystem from engaging in physical activities and sports, frequent jumping, receiving and direct trauma to the knee.

When this tendon is injured, many victims will exerience pain and tightness in the knee where the patellar tendon is located.

Treatment Procedures
For minor injury to the knee, a patient may be able to use methods like physical therapy and cortisone injections to relieve pain in the knee area. However, for more severe injury, surgery may be needed is other treatments do not fix the problem.

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