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Jersey Finger

Author: Webmaster / August 8, 2016 / Categories:

Damage to the tendons that run up to the finger tips on the palm side on an individual’s hand.

This type of injury can occur when the finger flexor tendon becomes injured. This can be from a cut to the fingers on the palm side of the hand, overstretching the tendon and (as its name suggests) getting the finger caught in another player’s jersey or pulling the tendon during contact sports.

Because tendons are responsible for connecting muscles to bone, an injury to the finger flexor tendon can cause inability to bend your finger(s). Symptoms of this type of injury include pain and swelling in the affected hand/finger, loss of sensation in affected finger and inability to bend the affected finger.

Treatment Procedures
Tendons that are cut or ruptured require surgery. The hand surgeon may sew the tendon back together. It may be necessary to sew the tendon back to the muscle. Even with minor injury to this tendon, it is advisable to be checked out by a physician. If the problem is not corrected in the beginning, it has a chance of getting worse over time.

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