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Injury to a bone in which the tissue of the bone is broken either partially or completely. A fracture is classified by the following characteristics:

  • The bone involved in the fracture
  • The part of the bone that is fractured
  • The nature of the break itself

Types of fractures can include:

  • Open fracture—a broken bone that breaks through the skin
  • Comminuted fracture—a bone that breaks into more than two pieces
  • Intra-articular fracture—a broken bone within a joint
  • Extra-articular fracture—a broken bone that does not involve the joint

The main categories of fractures include:

  • Complete- the bone snaps into two or more parts
  • Incomplete- the bone cracks but does not break all the way through
  • Simple- the bone breaks but there is no open wound in the skin
  • Compound- the bone breaks through the skin
  • Greenstick- the bone cracks but does not break all the way through

A fracture may be caused from anything exerting too much pressure on an individual’s bone. A classic cause of fractures is from an automobile accident, where high exertion is often placed upon an individual.

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