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Boxer’s Fracture

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Boxer’s fracture is a common name for a fracture (break) in the bone that connects the little finger to the wrist. This type of fracture may create several fragments, called a comminuted fracture.

As its name suggests, a boxer’s fracture is most commonly caused by punching a hard object (often while engaged in contact sports like boxing or fighting). However, the bone can break when it is subjected to any sort of pressure or trauma, such as hitting a vehicle’s dashboard when in an automobile accident.

This type of fracture can cause various symptoms to an individual’s little finger, such as swelling, pain, lack of movement and deformity of the knuckle.

Treatment Procedures
An individual will want to seek medical treatment for a boxer’s fracture, especially if the broken bone has been exposed through the skin. For a severe break, a doctor will perform a procedural operation, where the bone will be re-positioned and re-connected through the use of pins and plates (if the bone is fragmented or fractured in multiple spots). After surgery, a cast will most likely be put around the finger in order to let it heal properly. Patients will be asked to limit the use of their hand for a period of time.

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