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A blister is a fluid-filled bump that appears on the outer layer of the skin. It is considered a mild injury, with little to no chance of causing permanent damage.

A blister can appear from a variety of sources, of which include friction or prolonged pressure on the skin’s surface, (such as wearing a tight-fitting shoe) exposure to heat, contracting viral or fungal infections (such as athlete’s foot) and having an allergic reaction.

A blister caused the affected area of the skin to swell and fill with fluid. The outer rim of the bump may be red and it may be painful to the touch.

Treatment Procedures
If a blister is mild, it will heal naturally without medical treatment. Common treatment for this type of injury is to put a bandage over the area in order to prevent irritation and friction. It should begin to heal and disappear in about a week.

For infections such as poison ivy, it is recommended not to scratch or pop the blister. Individuals can receive medicine to relieve itching. If the blister is unusually large, infected or associated with a second or third degree burn, you may want to seek medical advice from a physician.

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