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Baker’s Cyst

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A condition characterized by the swelling of the knee joint, producing a fluid-filled bulge on the back of the knee.

A baker’s cyst occurs from any condition that causes the knee to swell and produce too much fluid. When this excess of fluid is compressed within the knee joint, it can become trapped and separate from the joint to form the fluid-filled sac.

Conditions that may prompt this production of fluid can stem from arthritis or a cartilage tear within the knee joint.

In some instances, a Baker cyst may cause no symptoms. However, they are most often associated with pain and tightness behind the knee, especially when it is extended. Typically, a bulge will appear behind the knee and are soft and minimally tender to the touch.

Treatment Procedures
Treatment of a Baker cyst often involves the removal of excess knee fluid from the injured area. Medications and injections may also be given to relieve pain and inflammation.

If the cyst is a result of a cartilage tear or other knee problem, surgery can be used to remove the swollen tissue causing the cyst formation.

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