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Ankle Fracture

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An injury where there is a break in the ankle joint, affecting some or all of the following three ankle bones:

  • Tibia — the main bone lower leg bone that runs along the inside of the leg
  • Fibula— a smaller bone lower leg bone that runs along the outside of the leg
  • Talus—the bone that connects the leg and the foot

An ankle fracture can be caused by any severe trauma to the area, such as direct blows, twisting and falling, causing the joint to be forced beyond its normal range of motion.

An ankle fracture most commonly results in pain to the damaged area, swelling and bruising of the ankle and potential inability to walk or put weight on the injured foot.

Treatment Procedures
The initial treatment for most ankle and other limb fractures consists of using a splint and/or cast to immobilize the break and joints above and below the injury. Depending on the severity of the fracture, surgery may be needed to put the pieces of bone back into position.

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