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What is Workers’ Comp?

Daytona Beach Workers’ Comp Attorney

Do you work in a dangerous environment? Even when safety guidelines are followed, some jobs are just waiting for an accident to happen in them. Some instances are construction sites, utility work, busy kitchens, and law enforcement. Even with the danger attached to them, someone has to get the job done. So people continue to work in these careers and environments, some of them never getting hurt and others getting hurt all of the time. Because of these brave workers though, we have better roads and bridges, safer cities, and plenty of places to dine out. This is especially important here in Daytona Beach, where we have so many tourist and construction projects going on. Sometimes it seems like they are building a new road or expanding an old one every other month.

daytona beach workers' comp attorney

Since these people are brave enough to do these jobs for us, it only stands to reason they should have some sort of protection for when these accidents do happen. That is where workers’ comp comes in, also known as workmans’ compensation. Workers’ comp is a form of insurance, and in some ways, a trade off. If you’re company offers you workers’ comp, and you accept it, you give up any right to sue the company for your injuries. Workers’ comp will typically cover medical expenses and lost income due to the injury.

There are some issues that can arise from this agreement however. What if workers’ comp isn’t enough to survive on? Worse yet, what if the company tries not paying you any compensation? They can try and say the accident was the fault of the worker not following safety protocols. They might also try and prolong the process, or find ways to give you less compensation than is supposed to be granted. Some companies will go above and beyond for their employees, some will fight to spend as little as possible. If you belong to a company that falls into the later, what should you do?

That answer begins when the incident happens. Whenever an injury occurs on the work site, make sure it is recorded. Even if you think you’ve just sprained your back and need a good night’s rest, fill out an accident report. If you wake up the next day and find you’re unable to move easily, or at all, you already have the accident report filled out. If you don’t fill it out, the company can claim there is no evidence the injury occurred on the job site. If you fill out an accident report, and the next day you are feeling fine, no real harm done.

Medical attention should also be sought after immediately. Delaying medical attention again can open up a window for the company to use against supplying workers’ comp. They can claim the injury was worsened by your inaction.

Finally, if they try and deny you workers’ comp, the next step is to hire a Daytona Beach worker’s comp attorney. A workers’ comp attorney can review the case, and fight to get the company you work for to pay the compensation you are due. Because when you are out of the job, you are out of income that you and your family need to survive. Don’t let a greedy company cause you to go without, contact Rue & Ziffra today to handle your case.  

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