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Daytona Beach Motorcycle Accident Attorneys

In all of Florida, there is no spot more popular for motorcyclists, as they flock to Daytona Beach every year from all across the nation. They come to see our beautiful sandy beaches that make us part of “The World’s Most Famous Beach,” to drink, party and have fun with other like-minded individuals who share their passion for revving an engine on the open road. Whether they come for Biketoberfest in the midst of Florida’s still-warm fall or flock to our beaches for Bike Week in early Spring, Daytona Beach has a lot to offer a motorcycle enthusiast.

daytona beach motorcycle accident attorneys

Though the common dangers to motorcyclists are still present, it’s often easier to forget about them in Daytona Beach. Why? Because here in Daytona, most motorcyclists we see during our most popular festivals are tourists. And what do tourists mean? Vacation. When you’re on vacation, your inhibitions are lowered, and you’re often feeling more loose and carefree. Maybe you get to drink a little too much, and the excitement of the crowd you’re populating has got you thinking that it’s a good idea to go flying down the road beachside because there’s nothing quite like the rev of an engine with an ocean view. Right?

Wrong. While on vacation, it can be easy to let that old thought creep in: “I’m on vacation, what’s the worst that could happen?” Or how about this one, “What happens on vacation, stays on vacation,” or better yet, “I’m on vacation, I’m going to live it up. It’s not like it’s real.” The vacation mindset that most tourists have when they visit Daytona is a far cry from the everyday, mundane view we Floridians have of our town, and it can be dangerous. The vacation mindset that goes hand in hand with a city like Daytona, and the surrounding Volusia and Flagler counties, can often have a dangerous and detrimental effect on the decision-making skills of the average person behind the wheel. Take the dangers that the average driver faces, and multiply them to have a fraction of an idea of the dangers a defenseless motorcyclist faces.

At Rue & Ziffra, we not only understand the dangers that bikers face out on Florida’s busy roadways but after forty years of serving the community, we also understand and sympathize with the victims of motorcycle accidents and their families. If you or a loved one has been injured in a motorcycle accident, we here at Rue & Ziffra are by your side. Rest assured that if you are reading this article, you have found the best Daytona Beach motorcycle accident attorneys. We will fight for your rights, and strive to be available to you 24/7. At Rue & Ziffra, we implore you, as the motorcycle rider, to stay safe, and to take every precaution and care while out on the road.

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