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It’s Like Riding a Bike

Port Orange Bicycle Accident Attorney

They say “It’s like riding a bike, once you learn you never forget”. That can go for many things, sadly that includes accidents. Not how to have an accident, but being in one. Accidents are often times dramatic incidents. When it is on a bicycle, it becomes that much more traumatic. Sometimes to the point that the one involved willingly doesn’t return to bicycle riding. The injury is not only physical but it also becomes mental and they may never get on a bicycle again, even if they use to love doing it every day. In Port Orange, there is a lot of traffic going down the main roads, especially Dunlawton.

port orange bicycle accident attorney

While there are several laws in place to help assure bicycle rider safety, accidents still happen. Just because you are safe doesn’t mean that everyone else will be. During the middle of the day when everyone is heading to lunch can be especially dangerous for both drivers and bicycle riders. Night time is no better, making it easy for a bicycle to get lost in the barrage of cars and headlights. Which is a shame since Port Orange is filled with so many beautiful sites like the Sugar Mill Gardens. There is no shortage of shops or restaurants either. Near the Pavilion the only thing that outnumbers the number of shops and restaurants is the number of cars on the road.

If you are injured in a bicycle accident in Port Orange, it can take a while to recover. Bicycle accidents tend to be severe due to the lack of protection that a bicycle offers. They can put someone in recovery for months, and even then they might end up disabled. They can make it difficult to head to the beach, explore the shops, even get around without assistance. Harder yet they can make it difficult to pay your bills. If you are the main income of your household, you might start to panic waiting for some sort of compensation to come in. If you do end up disabled, you still have to wait five months or more before you might get approved.

Having a Port Orange Bicycle Accident Attorney on your side can help speed up the progress, and get you other forms of compensation. If the accident was not your fault, you are due compensation from the one responsible, on top of potential disability benefits. It might be difficult at first, but a bicycle accident attorney like the ones at Rue & Ziffra will fight not only to make sure you get the compensation you deserve but also work to get it to you as quickly as possible. It can be a trying time, dealing with serious injuries, don’t make it any harder than it has to be. Let an experienced and compassionate attorney from Rue & Ziffra represent your case.



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