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Bicycle Laws in Florida

Not that long ago, we got a new bike trail that stretched across Edgewater into New Smyrna Beach. This has opened a whole new area for a bicyclist to safely enjoy going for a ride with a far reduced chance of getting hit by a vehicle. They can enjoy some nice scenery and get their exercise without fear for themselves or for others riding with them. Of course, this doesn’t mean everyone is going to use the trail for their bicycling. While it is great for exploration and exercise it doesn’t connect the town enough to use as a way to get around. Many use their bicycle to navigate the roads and streets of Edgewater as an easy, effective way to get around. It gets them exercise, saves them gas, and they can get just about anywhere in Edgewater by bicycling. It might take longer than it would be taking a car, but the benefits are well worth it. Well, worth it if your bike safely.

When you take your bicycle out you need to make sure you understand the laws of the road for bicycles. You are not only a legal vehicle on the road, you are also less protected than if you were in a vehicle. Even if you are one of the bicyclists that plans on sticking to the bike trail and staying off the road you should still know the laws. It is better to be too prepared than not prepared enough. To make it a little easier we are going to list the basics for you below.

Stay on the right side of the road: The right side of the road is the right side of the road to be on. Just as you drive on the right side of the road, you should ride on it as well.

Obey Traffic Signals: A bicycle and a sedan are two very different vehicles but both are still legally recognized as vehicles. This means you need to obey all stop signs and traffic lights just as a car would.

No Extra Passengers: If a bicycle is designed for one person, only one person should be riding it.

At Least One Hand on the Handlebars: Riding with no hands on the handlebars is impressive but also illegal. You should always have at least one hand on the handlebars at a time.

Stay Close to the Curb: You need to remain as close to the curb as you can while still being able to ride your bicycle. Stay as far away from active traffic as possible.

Single File Line: When riding in a group, you must ride one behind the other. You can pass another rider if necessary.

Stay Visible: In the daytime that is easy but at night you need to have a bright light in front of you, and a red visible light behind you.

Follow these basic rules and you should be just fine. Edgewater is a beautiful small town that should be experienced first hand from a bicycle and we want to promote that form of lifestyle. We also want to be there for you just in case something goes wrong. If you do end up being a victim of a bicycle accident, you can contact Rue & Ziffra to have an Edgewater Bicycle Accident Attorney to handle your case.