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Keeping a Town Running

Port Orange Truck Accident Attorney

How do you keep a tourist town up and running? It takes quite a bit of effort on everyone’s part. Stores have to keep stocked with the product for both locals and out of town tourists. Since all that stock can’t come from Florida, it has to be delivered from out of state, in some instances from out of the country. Some stores have this done multiple times a week, such as Wal-Mart and Target. Some stores have their deliveries more spread out such as local stores. Then you have the local delivery trucks that can be running constantly to restock vending machines, special products, and the like.

Port Orange Truck Accident Attorney

Behind the success of all this is the trucking industry. Trucks run day and night to keep Port Orange and really all of America running. You wouldn’t think it possible, but if all the trucks in America stopped for just one day there is no telling how bad the consequences would be. It’s not just the products sold in the stores either though. Even the gas we fill our cars with are all thanks to the trucking industry. They are what connects the farming world with the stores, delivering milk and other products to be packaged and sent out. It is one huge network of responsibility that rests on the shoulders of a few dedicated drivers. While there may be trucks all over the road, they make up a small percentage of the vehicles on the road, and yet they serve such an important role.

With that much responsibility on your shoulders, it means the job can get stressful. You have deadlines to meet, and when that deadline is literally on the other side of the country, you can feel the pressure. Combine this with being stuck in a truck for weeks on end and you wouldn’t be surprised that truck accidents happen. Truck accidents are terrifying ordeals. With such a massive vehicle filled with so many pounds of cargo crashing down on you, it is a miracle to survive such an incident.

If you are on Social Media, there is a good chance you have seen some form of truck accident, either a video or news story about one. Not long ago, Tracy Morgan, a famous actor, was involved in a very serious truck accident. He was seriously injured and others were killed in it. It was a story that was posted all over Facebook and all kinds of news channels. There are other sometimes comical truck accidents such as one that tried driving under a bridge that was too low for it, and more terrifying ones such as a gas truck going off the road because it has caught fire.

They also create potentially miles of traffic from the incident. Because a wrecked semi can easily cover multiple lanes, possibly even all of the lanes. Traffic is another area where accidents can happen, making the entire scenario that much worse. On the lesser end of the consequences, a store can run out of stock, deliveries can get backed up, products can get damaged, and the products have to be moved to a new truck. It is an all-around disaster for everyone involved, even the people who are miles away from the accident.

To help make this trying experience a little easier, Rue & Ziffra can help you get an experienced Port Orange Truck Accident Attorney to represent you in court. They will guide you through the process from beginning to end if you need them to. From the moment of impact to the end of the trial, Rue & Ziffra will be there every step of the way. Visit us at rueziffra.com to learn more or schedule a consultation.

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It’s Not Over Until It’s Over

Social Security Disability Attorney

We all know that famous saying from Baseball legend Yogi Berra. It was 1973 and his team was falling behind when he said: “It ain’t over till it’s over”. That year his team came back to win the division title. Since then it has become a slogan for anyone who is determined not to give up. It has been a motivational speech for some and a war cry for others. It is definitely a principle that we like to live by. Our clients don’t always come to us because they want that victory, they come because they have already been denied it. When it comes to applying for social security disability, you don’t always get approved on the first try. It might take 2 or 3 tries before you get approved.

social security disability attorney

When you apply for social security disability, you have the option to go at it alone or to get an attorney to help you navigate the process. Regardless of the path you choose to take, you are going to have a long road ahead of you. One would think that it would be a simple procedure that would take at most a month. Sadly the truth is many when applying, it may take a year or more before receiving an acceptance or denial. After that, it could be years before you get your second ruling. It will definitely be over a year if you have to apply for the third time. That is why we say “It’s not over till it’s over” Even though you get denied, you can continue to fight to get approved. It might take longer, but all is not lost. This is why it is helpful to get an attorney to help with your case from the beginning.

While we can not promise that you will get accepted, we can help improve your odds. If you have already been denied before coming to Rue & Ziffra, then we will help you out in Round 2.

The important thing is to stay diligent in your fight to get approved. Don’t get discouraged and don’t stop fighting until you get approved. We know it can be a long road and how discouraging it can be to get denied after all the time you put into it. But that doesn’t mean you can just give up. As another famous person once said, “Never give up, never surrender!”. (That is the classic sci-fi comedy Galaxy Quest by the way).

So if you are ready to really fight to get approved, contact Rue & Ziffra to get a Social Security Disability Attorney working on your case.


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Someone Has to Pay

Daytona Beach Automobile Accident Attorney

The automobile is one of the defining inventions of the current century. It can easily be argued that it surpassed the importance of the computer, the internet, even Starbucks! It turned great distances into simple car rides. The too far away turned into a day’s drive and because of the technology behind automobiles, we can get our Amazon orders shipped and delivered in just two days. Of course, it has had some drawbacks to society as well. Uncle Ben said it best when he said: “With great power comes great responsibility”.

daytona beach automobile accident attorney

  One of these drawbacks has been the occurrence of automobile accidents. While we are sure there were accidents that happened with horse-drawn carriages, we can’t imagine them being as severe as two vehicles colliding at 60 mph. They also didn’t have as many distractions while navigating the old dirt roads that dominated the old American landscape. They didn’t have smartphones to text their friends or watch a livestream of the Gettysburg address while they navigated. They didn’t have a grande vanilla bean latte that could spill in their lap and take their eyes off the road. All they had was a carriage, some horses, and a very long journey on an open road.

Now we have some drivers with a latte in one hand, while snapchatting with friends on their smartphone and using their wrist holding the steering wheel straight. We also have entire interstates filled with drivers like this. It is hard to know which car they are in until they collide into another motorist. They are also on city streets and backroads. Sometimes, there are good drivers who make mistakes as well. Even the best inventions are not perfect. They have limitations that technology can’t perfect just yet. The brakes can’t stop soon enough, or the vehicle can’t turn fast enough. So between both of these forces working behind the invention, it is easy to find plenty of chances for automobile accidents.

Luckily though, there are plenty of other options for hiring an attorney when these unexpected incidents happen. For a Daytona Beach automobile accident attorney, Rue & Ziffra has over 40 years worth of experience in the field. They have been helping clients injured in accidents from bicycles and motorcycles to automobiles and semi-trucks. Each client is a member of our community, and we are proud to help them in their time of need. Keep the Rue & Ziffra number on your phone, just in case you ever need us.




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How to Act in the Court Room

Do you know how important a first impression is? How about the overall impression you give to people? While first impressions are important and happen fast, a bad first impression can be repaired if the ongoing impression is done right. If your first impression and ongoing impression are both lacking, it is going to hurt you in any endeavor you are a part of. This is especially true in a court of law. How we look and how we act can have an impression on the judge and jury. If our behavior or dress is bad enough it can even have immediate negative consequences. You could be held in contempt of court, which is the legal way of saying you are being disrespectful to the court. You can imagine your Daytona Beach attorney wouldn’t be too happy about it either. 

Daytona Beach Attorney

   Not only does it make you look bad by acting inappropriately, it also makes the job of your Daytona Beach attorney that much harder. Even when you have the clear advantage in the courtroom, you still should not do anything to jeopardize your odds of winning. The rules of etiquette in the courtroom are pretty simple really. For a more in-depth look at them, you can speak to your attorney. For a quick run though, see below.

Dress Appropriately: Think business when you are going into the courtroom. A business suit is the best way to go. Button up shirt, tie, dress pants, all ironed out will do wonders for you. Don’t go for shiny or fancy, just go basic and functional. Make sure your hair is in check, no distracting jewelry, and always brush your teeth.

Be On Time: This is pretty self-explanatory and should go without saying. The best thing you can do is to show up at least 15 minutes early. Plan your trip before heading to the courtroom and give yourself extra time to arrive in case of traffic. This counts for being in the courtroom as well. When they call you to enter the courtroom, don’t hesitate, get inside.

The Judge is the Highest Authority: You should show respect to everyone in the courtroom, even your opponent. Above all else though, you should respect the judge. They are the highest position in the court and make most of the decisions. Refer to them as “Your Honor”, and be polite when addressing them.

Don’t Be Disruptive: This means that you don’t do anything intentionally or unintentionally. Intentionally is being loud, not listening to the judge, using your smartphone, etc. Unintentionally can mean chewing gum, your smartphone ringing during court, using a fidget spinner, anything that might draw attention away from the proceedings. If you do need to use something like a cough drop, ask the judge first before unwrapping one.

Turn Off Electronic Devices: Coming off ‘Don’t Be Disruptive”, turn off electronic devices or at the least put them on silent. This includes any watches you have that go along with your smartphone such as the Apple Watch. Under no circumstance should you pull your smartphone out? If you have a recording that contains evidence, your attorney should have it beforehand in a format appropriate for the courtroom.

Don’t Be Impatient: You might be there for a while. Court cases can vary greatly in length. You have to trust in the proceedings and go along with them. While this is happening, don’t do things to signal impatience like a sigh, check your watch repeatedly, slouching, anything to make it seem like you don’t want to be there. It can be seen as being disrespectful to the court and you might even get called out on it by the judge.

Ask For Accommodations: If you do need or desire some kind of accommodation, you can ask the judge for permission. For example, the fidget spinners and the fidget cube are more than toys, they are meant to help some people focus. You can explain why you require one and ask if you can be allowed to use one. The same goes with medication, cough drops, not being able to stand for extended periods of time, etc. Just don’t argue with the judge if they deny your request.

   While how you act in court might not make or break your case, it will make things easier or harder for your Daytona Beach attorney. Let them do their job and the entire process will move along faster and smoother. Rather it is from an automobile accident or a personal injury, Rue & Ziffra can help defend you in a court of law.

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Dangerous Interstates

Volusia County automobile accident attorneys.

In Volusia County, we have quite a few things to be proud of. We boast about having the World’s Most Famous Beach, we host one of the biggest motorcycle rallies in the country, and two of the most dangerous interstates in the country can be found here. Okay, so we can’t really be proud of that last part, but that doesn’t make it any less true. I-95 is considered the most dangerous interstate in the entire country, which honestly is not too surprising. Even though it runs through almost every city in Volusia County, from Edgewater and New Smyrna Beach all the way up past Daytona Beach and Ormond Beach, we are just a tiny part of I-95. The majority of it runs up through the rest of Florida and all the way to the edge of Maine, where it becomes Canada’s Route 95. Our little section sees plenty of accidents though, especially in the areas between South Daytona and Ormond Beach, where quite a few exits are found in close proximity.

The other most dangerous interstate is, as many have most likely guessed, I-4. I-4 is an interesting interstate because it is so short, yet so well known. If you travel from its beginning in Daytona Beach to it’s end in Tampa, without encountering traffic, it would only take about 2 hours. All along I-4, however, you are going to find delays in the form of traffic accidents, construction, and really just random patches of traffic. In some parts of I-4, especially in the heart of Orlando, you will find constantly changing numbers of lanes, exits built on top of exits, and plenty of drivers trying to navigate it all. Other smaller areas such as Sanford and Altamonte Springs will also have its fair share of traffic problems. Sometimes you will find yourself waiting in stop and go traffic for just a couple of minutes, while other times you will be sitting still for half an hour.

Not everyone on I-4 is all that patient though. When the traffic is bad enough, you might find some drivers treating it like a Mad Max film. They will take the smallest openings possible, cut off other drivers, and even take to the shoulders and exit lanes to gain a few spaces. They think they are crafty until they slip up and get in an accident, creating even more of the traffic they were trying to outsmart. Luckily traffic creates slower speeds and therefore smaller traffic accidents. In the more free flowing areas, however, the automobile accidents become much more severe. Speed limits can get as high as 60 and 70 miles per hour, and it only takes a small bump to create a large mess.

Even though most accidents don’t actually happen here in Volusia County, they are still a large problem for us. Mainly because so many from Volusia County use I-4 to get around Florida. Many of the big events that take place in the state tend to be in Orlando, from concerts to sporting events. So many people here take I-4 because it is a quicker, more direct route to Orlando, and it doesn’t have tolls like the 417 and 408. Many people are more than happy to brave I-4 and it’s traffic to avoid spending the money in tolls.

The same can be said for I-95 since it is the easiest for people to get around Volusia County quickly, it sees constant use. It is difficult to avoid either interstate and still get around to jobs and appointments on time. So Rue & Ziffra make it a point to show diligence when it comes to being Volusia County automobile accident attorneys. We help to represent countless clients each year who face injuries and damages from automobile accidents. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you find yourself involved in an automobile accident. As soon as you get medical treatment, pick up the phone and dial 1-800-526-4711. If you haven’t been involved in an accident, put our number in your contacts. It never hurts to be prepared.

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