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It’s Like Riding a Bike

Daytona Beach Bicycle Accident Attorney

Daytona Beach is a city alive with beautiful scenes and plenty to see. Many of us get to see these scenes through a car window or share the view with others as we take a bus down Ridgewood. A few of us get to really appreciate the beauty of the city though, because we choose the healthier path and bike around the city. Bicycle riding isn’t just a hobby in Daytona Beach, it’s a part of many people’s life. Rather they ride their bicycle for work, for health, or just for fun, it’s a common sight to see them going down the side of the road.

daytona beach bicycle accident attorney

With so many bicyclists in Daytona Beach though, it is inevitable there will be a few accidents as well. Bicycle accidents are tragic because they can ruin perfect days, and maybe even perfect lives. There isn’t a lot of protection you can use when riding a bicycle. While a bike helmet can help prevent damage to the head, you have an entire body left to worry about. You also don’t get seatbelts on a bicycle. Not only do you have the impact of the vehicle to worry about, you have to worry about impacting the ground as well.

The sad part is, even if you follow all of the rules of the road, it doesn’t eliminate all chances of a bicycle accident. Many times, it is the most careful drivers and bicycle riders who suffer the most. In fact, a little over 800 bicyclists were killed on U.S. roads in 2015. That is only counting fatal accidents and not incidents where the bicyclist survived with or without injury. Each year, it is common to have at least 600 fatal bicycle accidents in the United States alone.

So what causes these bicycle accidents? There are numerous reasons why they occur. Sometimes it is the fault of the driver, and sometimes it is the fault of the rider. The best way to avoid accidents altogether, for both sides of the equation, is to know the rules of the road. One common mistake that is made, is not stopping at intersections. A bicycle is still a wheeled vehicle and must stop at any place a motorized vehicle would stop at, including stop signs and red lights. It also can not be stressed enough, to make yourself visible on the road. Even if it is just wearing bright clothing, or a bright vest, make sure cars can see you. Especially if you plan on riding at night or early morning.

Something else that is completely essential, for drivers and bicycle riders, is to make any wheeled vehicle a text free zone. Sure, you might think it takes talent to ride a bike and text your friends at the same time, but it can also take a life as well. This isn’t just for Daytona Beach bicycle accidents, but for all accidents. Texting distracts us and opens the way for all kinds of accidents to happen. Don’t let it be one of these accidents that convince you to put the phone down behind the wheel.

Like we said before, though, accidents can happen, even when you are following all the rules. So, what happens when you are in a bicycle accident? The first thing is to follow the basic rules of any accident. Contact the proper authorities to get immediate medical attention. Once you have been seen by a doctor and are recovering, it is time to make sure you get proper compensation for any injury or loss of life. While a Daytona Beach Bicycle Accident Attorney can’t mend your injuries any faster, we can fight to make sure insurance companies and guilty parties do not take advantage of you. This includes getting you compensation for medical costs, lost income due to injury, and any cost related to adapting to a disability caused by the accident.

Rue & Ziffra has had the honor of serving the Daytona Beach area for over 40 years. In that time, we have helped countless clients who have been injured in accidents. Rather it is an automobile accident, a motorcycle accident, or a bicycle accident, every case is important to us. If you or a loved one has been involved in an accident, don’t hesitate to contact one of the attorneys at Rue & Ziffra today.

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Driving Under Distress

Life happens fast, and it doesn’t give us time to worry about what happens next. We have to deal with it as it happens. Sometimes it happens at pretty inopportune times. Times like when we have to get behind the wheel of a car and drive somewhere. What do we do when we are emotionally compromised and need to drive? If we get in a car wreck because we were wiping away tears we might get some compassion, but we are not going to get out of paying for it. So let’s look at what should you do instead of driving when you are emotionally compromised or driving under emotional distress.

Accident Attorney in Daytona Beach

The most basic advice is simply not to drive anywhere until you calm down. Sit in your car, turn on some music, put on the air conditioner, and just breathe. In through the nose and out through the mouth. Let your heartbeat slow down a bit and let your mind stop running in too many directions. Right now, it needs to focus on the direction you are driving. Once you get where you are going you can focus more on what is happening around you. You already have a lot going on, you don’t need an automobile accident to top it all off.

You can also have a friend come and pick you up. Friends are always there for each other, and can help in hard times. You might need them to take you back later for your vehicle but at least you will get home safely. They can also join you to sit and watch TV while eating ice cream together, or pizza. Both are good options for making us feel better. They might have some carbs, desperate times calls for desperate measures. If a friend is not available, you can Uber too. Companies like Uber and Lyft can be lifesavers when we need a ride yet are not capable of driving.

Regardless of what you do always remember that it is normal to cry. Everyone does it, even when they don’t admit to it. It is not a sign of weakness or helplessness, it is simply a sign of being human. So don’t hold back those tears. Let them flow, just not when you are behind the wheel. Wait until you are somewhere safe before doing that. If you are involved in an automobile accident and need an accident attorney in Daytona Beach, contact Rue & Ziffra today at (386) 788-7700

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