How Long Does It Take To Receive Disability Benefits?

The Social Security Disability process is not only difficult and frustrating but also long and tedious. For those who decide to engage the professional services of a disability lawyer, it takes approximately 2 ½ to 3 years for claimants to receive benefits from the time they sign up. However, when severe medical conditions and financial strains are added to the mix, the process may take even longer.

Typically, the Social Security administration will try to get individuals into pay status within just a few weeks of their claim being approved. However, if your approval comes at the level of a disability hearing, it may take longer for you to receive your benefits since your case may get hung up at a payment processing center. And, of course, even if your disability judge indicates at the time of the hearing that your case will be approved, before the case is even sent to a payment processing center it may be delayed because the judge’s decision is not final until it has been written by a decision writer and then mailed to you, the applicant. In many cases, getting the written decision can take months.

If you have representation throughout the process, follow-ups will be made in a routine manner by your attorney to ensure payment comes in an efficient manner.

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